What engine to marinize

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by MengWalton, Jul 20, 2011.

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    anthony goodson Senior Member

    You need a bellhousing ,basically the front end of the gearbox to mount the starter ,the standard starter is fine ,and I expect Gonzo to jump all over me for this ,but because it's diesel why not the auto alternator too. The danger with diesel is not so much vapour but the fact that it can ignite if spilled on a hot surface, petrol will not normally ignite but will vaporise ,this presents the greater danger of explosion from sparks. The n/a engine lacks power for it's weight so go for the turbo version it is no more complicated to marinise as the turbo doesn't need to be cooled, feed in the raw water after it. You cannot turbocharge a na prima engine, you will have to start with turboed version. On these it is quite easy to wind the pump up to increase the power ,but they will never even start to match the later types of common rail engines,with a box of electronics. Change the timing belt when you get it and check compressions, they eat headgaskets if not kept full of very strong antifreeze. If you need clues for the marinisation Google Volvo TMD 22.
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    CDK retired engineer

    Here are a few items, in random order:

    -Engine coupler (replaces the clutch assy)
    -Fwd/rev gearbox
    -Shaft coupler
    -engine supports
    -belt driven raw water pump
    -heat exchanger
    -exhaust hose and through hull
    -throttle & gearbox controls
    -basic wiring and instruments
    -tank, fuel filter, water separator
    -surface drive

    Lancing Marine has a more complete and detailed list.
  3. MengWalton
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    Thanks Guys, I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, I will let you know how I get on, I might even get around to creating a couple of threads on different builds, I'll source all the stuff I need for this and in the mean time ill go back to my other boat that has outboard problems!

    Thanks again

  4. Jeremy Clarkson
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    Use a bmw 4cy the 1.8 from e30 (80's 3serise) or e36 (90s)

    they are rwd so they have no transverse gearbox

    or since your in the uk maybe the bmw 1.6 from the 316i
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