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Discussion in 'Pod Drives' started by tunnels, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Tunnels,Time for some more pics? Thats a big sized job you've got on there & plenty of other tools lined up in the back & a large facility, how many people involved in that factory mate. Jeff.
  2. tunnels

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    China has thousands of miles of canals and hundreds of lakes and they are mostly all interconected by one way or another !!
    Theres a book called THE IMPERIAL WAY !! and its about the water ways of china ! built hundreds and hundreds of years ago fir the imperials to boat from the north to the south and back during times of the year !! China is a land very few of us know any thing much about a just the rubbish we see on the tv and read in papers . To this day its still possible to boat from Beijing in the north to way down past Hongkong and shenzhen in the south as every river is interconnected to every lake . All the rivers flow west to east so there were huge canals dug by hand between the rivers and locks built and operated way before the english and any of the europeans lifted a shovel to dig there canals
    The water traffic in this day is unbelievable !! The river traffic in shanghai is like a motor way and goes 24 hours a day every day of the year non stop .Stand on any bridge and see 6 or 8 boats going up or down the river !!
    Not far from Where i live is the very busy grand canal and is being opened up for non commercial traffic and touring !
    This boat will be one of the many boats that will ply that route possibly mainly at nigh intercity to see the sights along the way .
    . http://library.thinkquest.org/20443/grandcanal.html
    i read a little about the place before i came here and was fasinated by what i found after i arrived . i could spend the rest of my days just traveling and never see a fraction of what is here ! dont be so quick to judge the chinese and there land ! its been a mystery for a long time and is slowly opened its doors to the outside world !!
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    WE ONLY use a small part of that building as theres another one slightly smaller in front . We have 65,000 m2 to play round and get lost in !!my mouth dropped open when i first saw the place
    We hav a whole bunch of moulds for 28 32 36 38 42 48 foot glass boats all just sitting ! have been making and putting together boats since the company began but like evryone the down turn has slowed the place dramaticly . The big boat project is a blessing and there could possibly be another one to do after this one is out of the moulds . I will post more pictures just we been shifted to urgently get a 42 foor cruising boat out the door for Canada !! Its goes into the canal for trials tomorrow morning and will be shipped next week sometime . then all the crew will be stops out back on the big boat project again :D:D:p:p:p
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    masalai masalai

    Oh well some more pictures when you get the opportunity, I am sure many readers would be interested...
  5. tunnels

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    have done

    posted 4 pictures this morning !!
    Have been busy getting a boat ready to be exported . so after this coming week all hands will be back onto it again ! and hope will see some progress again :D

  6. tunnels

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    up dated

    Have posted some recent pictures !and will be more next week !!
    We are up to almost total glass thickness on the bottom and will be starting to lay 25mm balsa wood on all the top sides and transom come monday morning !!.Made two atempts and 1.5 failures ! so time to get hands dirty and roll my sleeves up !. they were shown how to bag and have forgotten instead of coming to ask they just blunder along and get it wrong and i am asked to come sort it out . not the correct way to work so getting things sorted once and for all . :eek: The old thing of the boss is the one with all the information and the others just trail along behind is a really big problem here .:mad:
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