What Do We Think About Climate Change

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    I addressed money in post 11260. It was a tad tongue-in-cheek so I suppose your attachment is a better learning tool.
    "Actually, I think we should put McCain up again. That will be good for America." - I posted this two days ago and there was no response. I imagine folks from other countries may not even know him, but US citizens get a "D"...or an "A" depending on if you got that the reason putting him up would be good for the country is that he is perhaps the only one able to lose to Barack. Four more years of Barack and even the diehard racist blacks and Wads of the country will get the point driven into their heads - "It doesn't work".
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    it was the big banks that created wealth with money that didn't exist

    a huge amount of us currency is squirled away by people in other countries and used in the local economy, leaving a dirth of currency here at home, a lot of money printing is to make up for that

    gold and silver is a lousy basis for money supply in the modern world

    the money supply has to be adjusted for economic conditions

    no matter what you use for exchange there has to be a common agreement on it's worth and the worth of goods sold, be it paper or gold

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    It appears this thread has veered more into politics than climate change now;
    with little if any direct relevance to boats or boating, and after 750 pages, I think it's time to close this one.
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