What diesel should I look for

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by ccb, May 1, 2006.

  1. ccb
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    What would you guys say are the best diesels for boaters.as far as getting parts ,getting it fixed ,and so on. I looked at a Volvo, but some said they where hard to get parts for and if it goes down you could be down for the season, just waiting for the part. I am in the Boston area. I am looking for a Nowneast type hull with a diesel.
  2. bilgeboy
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    If you want a common engine, easy to get parts for, check out the Cummins.

    If you live in Boston, you can swing by the Cummins NorthEast Showroom. Its off of 128 right before the Dedham exit when Northbound. (You take Exit 14). You can see the sign from the highway. They do have a good reputation, and some folks are saving some dough with the "factory reconditioned" models.

    I've personally been drooling over the Iveco's, but wouldn't recommend to someone who is looking for readily available parts.

    Good Luck,

  3. Ike
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    What kind of boat are you looking at engines for? The size and type of engine depends on the boat.
  4. jav
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    It is hard not to like the Iveco's given the power and price point. I'm still leary of fully electronic engines though...it's one to loose an engine on the interstate and quite another at sea.
  5. ccb
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    ccb Junior Member

    63 series Volvo. in a 28' downeaster, Could it be to heavy.
  6. StianM
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    catapilar, scania or jhoon deere marine diesels. Everywhere has a tractor dealer that seel jhoon deere
  7. gonzo
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    Volvo has a 48 hr guarranty. You get your parts in time or they are free.
  8. ted655
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  9. Theodora
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    Try a marinized Kubota. They' re so good, you may not need any spare parts. Beta Diesel or Nannidiesel do them; others as well.

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    If your not going to be running more than 300-500 hours a year the loss of fuel efficency of a Detroit would be no biggie (10% to 25% higher than newest tech)) .

    A 3-71, 4-71 or the really smooth 6-71 are avilable rebuilt with tranny (commercial not yacht grade) for about $5k MAXIMUM , for low time running takeout.

    At $20K to $30K or more for a "new" engine package , thats one heck of a lot of fuel!!.

    Figure 20 hp cont for each cylinder , operate at 1500 to 1800, and it will be 300 years before you have to rebuild it.

    An extra gallon an hour fuel burn would be a killer for 200-350 day a year operation., but for a cruiser,,does going from 2 gph to 3 gph (or 3 to 4) at cruise make THAT much difference?

    Look in "Boats & Harbors" for a deal.

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