What clear is the best ?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Sagabu, Jul 29, 2005.

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    My 82 Baja 190 w/460 Berkley Jet-Pack is up and running and is mechanicly sound .
    I caught a killer deal on NOS custom seating straight from Baja in Bucyrus just 20 miles from my home as well as a 28 yard roll of Arctic White foam backed vinyl . All for just $200.00 !!!!
    I`m replacing the wood supports that started to rot w/aluminum diamond plate .
    The bottom of the hull buffed up like a beauty .
    The topside is sun faded and feels rough to the touch , but not quite to the flake and the color looks great when wet .
    My thought was to clean it the best I can removing the oxidation and waxes and put a fresh coat of clear w/House Of Kolors colored flakes followed by a coat of clear w/out flakes , sand , polish .
    Has anyone had success doing this and what clear offers the best durabuility/finish .
    This is my next step and needs to be done before I tackle the interior .
    I`m not seeking perfection as this is just the boat to hold me over until my 76 Sleekcraft is finished .
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