what boat is this?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by jumpinjackflash, Mar 28, 2014.

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    I found this while surfing the net, wonder if you guys might know any more about it

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  2. EMKAY
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    EMKAY Junior Member

    It looks like a leisure craft but I am not sure.
  3. messabout
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    Whatever it is, it needs some help. The crew needs to outhaul the peak, tighten the foresail stay, and get the topping lift off the lee side of the main. The skipper needs to be wary of the low boom and worry about ripping the clew out of the main.
  4. oceannavigator2

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    This is spam.

  5. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    I agree with Ocean Navigator 2, this is most likely spam to attract visitors to the ‘‘Herbal Website’’ named in the picture.

    ‘‘Jumpin Jack Flash’’ posted only the opening post here and till now never came back to the forum after this ‘‘ostensibly’’ request for information.

    P.S. - - Saw new activity from the opening poster on the forum, so above conclusion looks to be premature.
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