What are the odds this won't be a WIG vehicle?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by RatliffFranklin, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. RatliffFranklin

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  2. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    Looks fast.

    Lots of WIG threads in the forum, you would be correct to assume that most people here do know what one is.
  3. RatliffFranklin

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    Fossett Car

    Yeah, except that's incidental to my question.
  4. charmc
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    Let's hope not

    That's a pretty significant redesign of Craig's Spirit 3. I can see (keeping in mind that I'm neither an auto nor aero engineer) benefits and potential problems in the lengthened and widened wheelbase. I'm guessing the rear wings are providing downforce, but I can see them causing problems if something goes awry at speed. It looks a bit cleaner. OK, I give up. I've absolutely no idea if this is an improvement. I'm presuming/hoping that the Fossett team has done extensive wind tunnel work. But if those wings ever develop any lift it will be a short, violent flight, IMHO.
  5. RatliffFranklin

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    Fossett Team

    That's pretty much what I'm thinking.
  6. kach22i
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    No going up hills then...............it's all about the angle of attack.;)

    Many wings have a neutral chamfer, these struts/wings may be constructed that way, but I would assume they want down-force here.

    Too much downforce at the rear could force the nose up, and that would be bad, very very bad.
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  7. RatliffFranklin

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    Fossett/Breedlove Car

    I just cannot understand why they're sticking with such a risky concept, considering Breedlove, in fact, did have rear end lift problems when he drove in 1997.

    Here's a link to the approach adopted by the last American team to hold the record.

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