what are the mass properties of fiberglass

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    I realise verious composit construction techniques resalt in different yeild strengths.

    I will be using a single skin hull with 8’ frame spacing. Sim to ABS guidelines for a vessal 60' long; With a max speed of 20 Knots. Hull thickness will be about .5 inch = 12.7 MM.

    Not sure where to find the mass properties for fiberglass.

    Need mass info to calculate stability, boyency, center of gravity, water line, eccetra.

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    You might want to pick up a copy of Gerr's Boat Strength. It has a lot of cookbook style info for getting the boat's parts sized and proportioned properly. An NA might save you 20K in materials on a 60'er vs the by-guess-and by-gum method. What sort of boat is it? where does it operate?
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    :rolleyes: Thanks guys.

    The information will be used for various cattamaran concept designs.

    Most designs will not make it into construction.

    I will locate various critical systems like tanks and propulsion system.

    Catt will be powered by two water jets.

    Im using Pro Engineer and AutoCAD.

    The subject mass properties will be put in ProEngineer so as to calculate VCG, LCG, TCG. then the center of flotation and stability.
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