What are my choices for learning boat design on-line?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Thomas Kam, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Choice of school

    I think both are as good only which is closer for your future need. YDS deal with traditional method and design more on wood vessel. Westlawn are more open onto steel and aluminium vessel. Both are great but remeber that YDS are experienced person but do all the review of paper send by himself, that would take slower time to reply. Westlawn would be a boon for anyone need connection later on the design life.

    I hope the forum understand that this is just my thought and could be wrong.



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    Thanks man,

    I will take that into account as it may seem not many people give comment, maybe these school are not famous? I like to get knowledge so I can fill in the subject that I think I lack.

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    Welly, not so much that they are not well-known courses (they both are), but maybe that not many here have taken them.

    There are some old threads around that discuss both of these courses in detail - just do a search of the forums.

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    I did a search and get YDS, Westlawn and Landing. I still abit not sure which is foreign student friendly......................, and which will be easier to understand because they can be too technical and speak jagon of non english basic.

    Ok I am dead serious about the course, I had invested another draft table and machanical ruler, a NEC pentium laptop and buying books on reference and boat mag.

    You just wonder which school will be easier to understand and foreign student friendly???????

  5. Mayfly

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    You mean foreign student friendly? I think u should write to them and ask yourself, that way u know where they stand in this subject.

  6. Ike
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    The Westlawn course is the one I am most familiar with. I took it back between 1976 and the early 80's. But it was totally different then. It was all aout wood construction. I have reviewed their current materials and frankly was astounded at the range of subjects they cover. I know many of the people on the staff and have reviewed their exams for creditation.

    It is very comprehensive course. Every thing is done by mail or e-mail. You are assigned an instructor who you can interact with by e-mail or phone. As for whether or not it is foreign language friendly? Hard to say. Of course it is in english and all the engineering and naval architecture terms are in english. But it is an undisputible fact that a lot of people outside the US, worldwide, have taken this course.

    It does not concentrate exclusively on metal construction. If anything it concentrates on fiberglass but covers all the modern materials, composites, metals, and wood.

    Send them an e-mail or give them a call. Talk to Dave Gerr or Stu Waring. They are both very knowledgeable. Dave Gerr is a very experience designer and can answer all your questions. Stu has lots of experience in the industry as well. Here is the link. http://www.westlawn.edu/

    I am not saying that YDS and the Landing School are bad or not good courses, but I am not as familiar with them as Westlawn. However, it is my understanding that the Landing school is not a correspondence course. The web site is http://www.thelandingschool.org.

    YDS is is both a correspondence and residential course. The description on their website seems very comprehensive. http://www.macnaughtongroup.com/school.htm
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