What about this rig for a 24' ..........

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by boony, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. boony
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    boony Junior Member

    Hi all,

    Ive already posted a couple of threads on renovating my 24' sailboat, unfortunately my project has come to standstill due to unexpected financial problems.......anyway Im still allowed to dream and one of the things I want to do is change the rig setup.

    I currently have a standard single spreader rig with the shrouds inboard. However I would like to sheet in tighter for pointing and have a more solid rig and was thinking of the rig setup below (see pic). The idea is to move the inner shrouds further inward by 10cm on each side while the cap shrouds will be fastened to the hull. The jibs will then pass between the two sets. The rig will also have to become a double spreader.

    I would be interested in the community's thoughts of this setup ?

    And does anyone have experience with this rig (what is it called) ?

    Many thanks for your input

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  2. Gilbert
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    Gilbert Senior Member

    Why not forget about changing the shrouds and toss your overlapping jib, then use a fortriangle jib and you can sheet it in as tight as you like?
  3. Bergalia
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    Bergalia Senior Member

    What about this rig for a 24....

    Go with Gilbert - far less complex.
  4. mholguin
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    mholguin Junior Member

    Wouldn't that hinder performance, both upwind and downwind? Just curious...

  5. boony
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    boony Junior Member

    Rig and sails

    Hi, yes I've considered that but then Im worried there will be to much weather helm for this boat especially since a roached main has been added to the wardrobe. Its something I may do on my next BIGGER AND BETTER boat but for the time being my current one is for ideas .........

    The rigging needs to be renewed on my current boat and I wanted a stronger rig to fly a big assymetrical........
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