What about Lawnmower engines?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by pc245, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. pc245
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    pc245 New Member

    Looking to power 15 foot stich and glue skiff. What about an 18hp+ 2 cyl Honda or B&S engine in an inboard layout? Any reason why these are no good?
  2. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Sure it can be done, issues will crop up, like what about reverse.

    I saw a real low buck set up with "V" belts and pulleys tied to a shaft once, driven with a garden tractor engine. I've also been on a sailboat with a 24 volt washing machine motor driving the trans and shaft.
  3. B. Hamm
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    B. Hamm Junior Member

    Look in the classifieds section of Woodenboat magazine, there have been ads for a simple conversion for these engines posted there. I've not investigated it myself, but might give you some answers.

    Bill H.
  4. lprimina
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    lprimina Senior Member

    I have seen one 15 foot boat with an 18h lawn mower engine. It looks pretty cool the engine sits at an angle hooked up to a shaft and propeller.
  5. bjl_sailor
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    bjl_sailor Junior Member

    Kubota diesal tractor engines may be an attractive alternative. They are quite chaper than Ynamars and westerbekes, though you'd probally have to work out your own raw water cooling system.
  6. phillip

    phillip Guest

    sure it works

    I live in southeast louisiana abd we build boats with small imboards all the time to use to run in swamps and marsh ponds. The main advantage is the engine is air cooled or (water run through a keel cool system )and will not get overheated when ran in shallow or no water like an outboard engine does. I've seen everything from 5 hp briggs and straton to 350 chevrolets used. 18-23 hps are very popular, i myself have a 23 briggs vanguard in a 15 foot fiberglass molded boat. THe main problems are you lose a great deal of top end speed compared to an outboard the same size. You can use a clutch or transmission but a transmission for a small briggs and straton engine is about the same price as a new engine. alot of the smaller boats down here have straight drives with no neutral or reverse. we position the seat above the engine and the rudder is controled by a rod that is pushed forward or back. I'd be glad to email pic of examples just let me know: phillipeit@cox.net
  7. DGreenwood
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    DGreenwood Senior Member

    Man that sounds like"good ol' boy boatbuildin'"
    I'd say you fellas still have the hang of havin' fun with boats. I wish that attitude was still prevalant here where I live.

  8. tschienque
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    tschienque Junior Member

    There's a guy who used to advertise in "National Fisherman" and covered transmissions etc when using B&S and other similar engines.
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