Wharram Tiki wrecked in Thailand

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by sloopjb, Aug 30, 2009.

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    OK ....Sorry ...carry on .....:)
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    Yes, I call those Tuk Tuks

    Why? Because the clowns driving them called out Tuk Tuk Taxi as I walk past.

    Good enough reason to suspect that they may be called Tuk Tuks dont you think?

    Plus these sites confirm what I thought

    etc etc etc

    They even have pictures [​IMG] and comment about them in none to favorable tones

    I suppose you will now say they are all lies written by farangs?
    See above
    I guess it would, especially as the drivers call them that

    Nope, you would be wrong there and what does that have to do with anything?
    How would you know? I haven't shown any here, the pic above is a screen cap.

    strange, I dont always use the "Right" words in other parts of the world but dont seem to be taken advantage of.

    Must be a thai thing eh? Bite the hand that feeds. Remember what I said about feeling like a walking ATM machine, but only in Thailand?

    And I never said anything, I walk down the road looking and saying nothing............thai people must be able to read my mind and see that I use the wrong words and must be a stupid farang who can be ripped off.

    No I dont, no mossie bites (heard of repellent?) well tanned from sailing, no camera around neck and no zinc cream.
    As for the tshirt I did think of getting one of these descriptive shirts

    I am surprised that they have them in Thailand as you seem to think there are no tuk tuks or touts so why would they need theshirts? Who would buy them? :p
    And its attitude and comments like that and the other comments that you have made that gives the place a bad name.

    I wouldn't hold up your hand for a job with the tourism board, you do them no favours.

    Thanks for confirming everything I said.
  3. Frosty

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    What ever you say!!!

    I live here, you don't, it ends here, I have no more information for you, Im sure you will find your own way through Customs, Know where it is? Oh dear --good luck.

    I must be mad , arguing with a tourist!!!
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    Is it my turn yet?
  5. Frosty

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    RHP where have you been? ive been waiting for you ,---yup your on now--
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    O T

    Can I sum up..... ?
    Malaysia fan [​IMG] ‘‘duty calls’’[​IMG]
    Thailand fan [​IMG] ‘‘duty calls’’[​IMG]

    ‘‘duty calls’’ ‘‘duty calls’’

    About OT.....
    The average OT ‘‘reader’’ [​IMG] or [​IMG]or [​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] Angélique [​IMG]
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    Fair summary !
  8. scsailor
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    Not at all. There are many Wharrams out there sailing for years with lashed beams, myself included. Modern line, properly used, is more than strong enough. I just relashed my aft beam yesterday after some maintenance using 5 wraps of 6mm Sta-Set: that beam is not going anywhere.
  9. Frosty

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    They have invented nuts and bolts now.
  10. scsailor
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    Sta-Set was invented after "nuts and bolts." It has advantages, such as not rusting or sudden failure.
  11. warmat
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    Hi Scsailor,

    I am glad you commented on the rope issue. It really amazes me how some people seem to get their kicks in forums out of trying to knock things that they have limited knowledge about. The rope issue is a case in point. James Wharram is an intelligent man and I am sure has more sea miles under his belt than anyone else on this forum.

    And James sea miles are real ones in all latitudes. Those versions of Wharrams that have beam lashings have been designed that way and if done properly are indeed stronger than 'nuts and bolts'.

    For those people who doubt this and believe that it was the fault of the lashing designs that caused Creeds boat to come apart in Pattaya, may I remind them that the Tiki which was washed ashore in the Tsunami at Phuket stayed intact. And that came ashore in real force not a gentle 'tap' such was the case when Creed's boat came ashore.

    Of course if the lashings are not done in accordance with the plans they may well come undone and naturally the hulls will come apart. Given that there were signs that the lashings were already starting to loosen just a few days after the launch of Creed's boat (I saw them) I am not surprised that they did come apart. I think people should question the boat builder who did the lashing on Creed's boat (and they did do them because I saw it being done in the yard).

    They should not question the lashing design as it is well proven.

  12. Frosty

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    Its string,--- it will rot or worse chafe at 4 in the morning in a gale.

    WHY? when you can buy fasteners? rust!! nonsense you can buy stainless steel.

    Admit it , you are minimalists trying to justify your fetish.
  13. warmat
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    Frosty...you should do some research on modern cordage. It is hardly string.

    I personally don't have a minimalist 'fetish'. Follow my blog at www.naturalhigh-adventures.com and as you will see over the next month or two as the boat gets completed it is hardly minimalist with a watermaker, sound systems, genset, fridge, freezers and other comforts that make being on the water a pleasure.

    Agreed some Wharram owners/builders go the minimalistic way. Sometimes it is due to tightness of funds, sometimes because of their personal philosophy. Irrespective, each person is entitled to what works best for them.

    Do you think that is is fair to accuse people because they take a particular approach that it is to satisfy a fetish? I have seen many boat owners do things with I think is strange, but each to his own.

    Irrespective Frosty I think that you should accept other people's views and respect their choices. Other people know more about the longevity and practicality of lashings on Wharram's than you do. When it comes to experience I will take the advice of a true blue water sailor such as Wharram other than someone who claims to be an expert on all things without the personal experience.

    I will make no further comment on this matter.
  14. jamez
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    No. You've got it all wrong. Wharrams lashed crossbeams have been well proven on relatively (and I stress the word relatively) low stressed catamaran platforms with low aspect rigs. I've got one. it had bolted beams and was changed to wider lashed beams. The lashings work fine. The braid has a breaking strain twice the weight of the boat and there are 4 turns of it. It won't rot and there is nothing for it to chafe on. Stainless steel will rust in the right circumstances.

    Are you genuinely interested in discussing points raised, or are you just a troll?

  15. Frosty

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    It is minimalist boat building. Like the bamboo hulls imitating the early chinese.

    Experimental fun,-- I hope it holds together

    This thread was formed about Wharrams breaking up on the beach and my friend lost his the same way on Ko Samui. They are minimalist rubbish. I just hope someone does'nt loose their life saving you.
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