Wharram Pahi 31 to give away

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by TI TI, Mar 19, 2019.

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    I am giving away "Stella del mare", amateur build 1984. It's a beloved Pahi 31 - or rather it's plans (scan and copies are left) and French highsea papers "Acte de Francisation" You can entrust the boat to anyone, without a licence, don't need a state inspection and still have European boat papers.

    With the hulls - to be renovated- you also get an aluminium mast with stainless steel cables, used sails, all double.

    Cockpit and beams are missing. The cylinder block was stolen in the motor (Johnson 8hp extra long). There's also a hard dinghy, lots of reusable stuff like the net, anchor, hardwood deck planks, commercial 55x55cm deck window, whinch and pulleys, but lots of hard work, not to say total rebuild.

    I put lots of love into it - but is has been lying around for 8 years since and would like to see it go to someone who puts in some Wharram and building passion. You only have to cover the latest drydock bill of 985 EUR.

    Vistable in Pont'Aven, Brittany, France at a friendly workshop who is unfortunalty closing END OF MARCH, so it gotta go!

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    Dear all.
    Stella del mare is still available. The only meeting possible is Fr Aptil 19 or Saturday April 20 in Pont'Aven, Bittany. She has to be gone by the latest end of this month or will be distroyed. The French papers (Acte de Franchisation) and amatuer building plans are valuable, and some parts on the boat are still usable.
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    TI TI I'm interested in your boat, I'm from Fouesnant!
    Is it still available ?
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