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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by freeinthesea, Jan 21, 2019.

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    hi people
    am looking to build a watermaker and generator on a air cooled yanmar l70 which will be set up in the fore peak.
    i will run a wet exhaust through a centrik muffler.
    my question is do you think if i sized the exhaust correctly i could utilize the existing seacock from the removed head. for the exhaust outlet. so therfore it would discharge underwater i dont expect to run this underway.
    so back pressure shouldn't be a problem
    this is for a 50ft monohull sailing yacht.
    thanks in advance for any response
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    How much water do you need?
    Is the existing thru hull big enough to supply the demands?
    How will you move said water uphill, or is all mentioned equipment far enough below the waterline that it will feed itself?
    How will the engine cool and ventilate itself?
    Won’t the benefit of an underwater exhaust be nullified by the roar of the air cooled engine?
    Give us some pictures and drawings with dimensions and specs, then you’ll get some answers.
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