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Discussion in 'Education' started by DCockey, Nov 13, 2014.

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    what do you think about the short courses Westlawn is offering?

    I was thinking about taking some courses which seem really interesting.
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    Westlawn Curriculum

    Does anyone know when Westlawn might be updating their curriculum?
    I have taken a long look at the full program a few times over the last few years but have been turned off because it seems to be all pencil drawing based with very little use of CAD and other software in the actual course objectives and outcomes.
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    This Thread is kind of long and I don't know if it's been covered but to me any kind of ship designer or yacht designer should have spent some time on the Seas. Credentials and degrees are useless if the designer doesn't know the realities of shipboard life. On real ships and boats stuff happens, fires floodings , electrical, bad weather , accidents. Sometimes all at once. Many yachts are design by people who believe in the dream not the realty. If Westlawn teaches their students how to build proper boats, who cares about their degrees.
  4. DCockey
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    My understanding is Westlawn currently requires submission of pencil drawings for the first module/"year" and that most or all students use computer software after that. That is what I've been told consistently since circa 2009, and was told last week by a student who just finished the first module and is now learning Rhino.
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    vkstratis Naval Architect

    To my knowledge since 2015 students can use CAD for all four modules but manual drafting is encouraged for first year.
  6. RP_Feynman
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    Westlawn CAD

    Thanks everyone for the responses.
    I had talked to the folks at the school in the past and had been told that it was all manual pencil/calculator/look-up table based. I have been checking the curriculum on the website every so often over the past few years and had not seen any changes. The part that gives me pause is that the last lesson in the third year/module is:

    LESSON 30: Introduction To Computer Aided Yacht Design
    1.Overview of General Concepts in CAD
    2.Description of Hardware Required for CAD
    3. Description of Software used for CAD in the Marine Industry
    4.Understanding of Basic Concepts in Practical Applications of AutoCAD
    5.Detailed Directions, Suggestions, and Hints for AutoCAD Use
    6.Understanding of Setting Up AutoCAD drawings
    7.Explanation of Important AutoCAD Commands and Tools
    8.Explanation of Advanced AutoCAD Formatting and Object Properties
    9. Practical AutoCAD Drawing Review and Test​

    The last year of the curriculum looks to be involved with the engineering of how certain systems work so this last lesson of module/year 3 is actually the last "Design" lesson and the first time that CAD is explicitly mentioned in the curriculum.
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    Hello, I am a newb to this forum.

    I was enrolled in Westlawn in 2009, but didn't get very far. I am considering re- enrolling, but I am concerned about Westlawn's existence and relevance.

    If anyone is presently enrolled I would like to speak to you about your experience.

    Likewise if anyone here has graduated in the past 2 years and found a job that can be attributed to Westlawn I would like to hear from you.

    A private message or email would be great. Sailandfish@ Gmail com

    If Westlawn staff can respond that would be helpful as well as I am not sure what the secret is to reach westlawn these days.

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