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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by dishsail, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I hope there are some designers on this site who maybe able to help me. I am a first year student at Westlawn and am on my 2nd lesson. The school is on break for the next two weeks, but I would like to attempt to get working on the design project.

    For this project I have to draw a profile, plan, bow, and stern view. I have two questions which I don't really understand some of the drawings.

    First, what is a plan view? Is that just the hull drawing from the bird's eye view?

    Second, if you are looking from at the bow view, I notice where the bottom of the hull and chine come together, but in the drawing I have there is a symmetry around the chine.

    If someone needs me to attach a pic. I will do so but my computer is not setup at this time to handle that type of work, so please let me know and I'll draw up a simple sketch. Thanks.

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    Hi joe,
    Hull lines use three views of the hull.

    Profile: looking at the hull from the side. includes:stem, transom,sheer line (deck/hull join), canoe body (CL of the hull from the transom forward to the lower extreme of the stem), buttock lines

    Half Breadth: looking at the hull from above (birds eye view). includes: deck line (same feature as the sheer line but as viewed from above), waterlines, transom, ghost line,

    Body Plan: looking at the hull from an end (ie axis of sight is the same as the axis of the centre line) includes: station shape (athwartships cross sections of the hull), ghost line, deck/sheerline, transom, diagonals location

    There seems to be various conventions as to what each view is actually called. Profile, Half Breadth and Body Plan is most common in my experience.

    So to answer you question of what is a plan view - I suspect they mean body plan. Although drafting convention says plan view is from above.

    there are more thing s you can put on a lines plan and probably some things I have missed.

    Sorry I don't understand your other question.

    Good luck with your study,
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    Have you tried posting on the Westlawn student forum? There are plenty of students who could answer your questions...
    It's been almost 4 years since I did lesson 2, so my memory of what is required may be somewhat sketchy.... But if I recall correctly, you have to sketch - by hand - the profile (side), plan (top), and body plan (front/rear).
    Rob is correct when he says that these views usually include such things as waterlines, buttocks etc, but for this lesson, I don't think you have to do all that - just show the sheer, chine and fairbody in all 3 views.
    Excuse the quality, but what you end up with might look something like this....

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