Westlawn and SUNY Maritime Announce a new Joint Continuing-Education Program

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    Westlawn and SUNY Maritime are pleased to announce a new joint continuing-education (CE) program. Combined with ABYC (the American Boat & Yacht Council) technician training and certification courses, this is one of the largest selections of marine continuing-education courses in the world. All the courses offered are reviewed and accredited or approved by a recognized outside agency.

    SUNY Maritime is the oldest maritime college in the United States, Westlawn Institute is the oldest school teaching boat design in the U.S., and ABYC is the organization that writes the safety standards for boats in the U.S.

    Courses cover subjects from the fundamentals of boat deign, to marine surveying, to metal corrosion, to training for captain’s licenses, and radar recertification. All of Westlawn’s courses are available entirely through distance learning, as are SUNY Maritime’s marine-surveying courses. SUNY Maritime also offers additional CE courses on campus.

    Certificates of completion and continuing-education units (CEUs) are granted on completion of each course. Advanced certificates are awarded to students who complete recommended combinations of courses. CEUs and certificates are recorded in the student’s permanent academic record at both Westlawn and SUNY Maritime.

    Go to:


    for details on all the courses offered and on the joint CE program as a whole.

    Go to:


    to read about the introduction of this new joint program with Westlawn, SUNY Maritime, and ABYC.

    Dave Gerr
    Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
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