wellcraft will not run please help

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by badbowtie, May 28, 2007.

  1. badbowtie
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    badbowtie Junior Member

    I just bought a 85 wellcraft cuddy cabin with the 350 and a mercrusier out drive.
    I took the boat to the lake saturday for the first time and backed it in the water and went to try to start it and nothing just cranks and cranks messed with it on the lake for about 4 hours. Finally just loaded back on the trailer buy hand and pulled it all most all the way out of the water and just to were the inlinet fins on the out drive were in the water and tried it again. The boat started right up backed it back in the water let it run for about 15 minutes then tried to shut it off and restart and nothing. So pulled out to head home while I was straping it done we noticed the black slinky hose that the exhaust runs through was not connected to the out drive. So headed home and reinstalled that and the hose clamp. Tried to go back today and same thing backed it in the water and nothing it will not start just cranks and cranks. Pulled up some and fired right back up. Backed in shut it off and nothing will not restart at all. I need some help my fiance is getting very upset with me that I bought a boat that does not work. Thanks
  2. tallow98
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    If the ramp you were on is at a good angle, I suspect that when on it you were getting fuel by gravity flow and when you were in the water, the fuel tank was level or lower and fuel would't flow. Check your fuel pump.

  3. badbowtie
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    badbowtie Junior Member

    I have removed the boat from the trailer and swam it to the dock and tried it their which is sitting the same way it is when I am sitting in my driveway on the muffs and it runs fine on the muffs only. I have removed both elbows today and both flappers are thier.
  4. PAR
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    There are only a couple of reasons an engine can't start (assuming everything is capable of working properly). They are; no spark or no fuel/air mixture. This could mean there is something limiting or cutting fuel delivery and/or a weak or no spark at the plugs.

    Pull a plug and see if you get an arc, both level and with the trailer tilted up on it's jack. If so, you have a fuel delivery issue, so check out the system. If not, it's something restricting or stopping you ignition from firing the plugs.

    Pull the air cleaner and look inside the mouth of the carb as you work the throttle. You should see a squirt of full each time you open the throttle. You may want to hold open the choke butterfly so you can see down it's throat as you work the throttle. If no fuel is squirting then check that system.

    Clearly you have an engine that can run, so it's intermittent issue can be sorted out pretty easily by someone who is familiar with your type I/O. There could be a number of things to look at: shift cutout switch adjustment, broken or cracked wires or connections, control cable adjustments, fuel float adjustment, neutral safety switch, fuel pump, fuel lines, etc. The first thing to find out is which system to look at, the ignition or fuel delivery.

    It would be wise to have a 22 year old pleasure boat looked over by a professional, so you can start with a level playing field, particularly if these systems are a bit overwhelming to you. Also, do yourself a favor and pick up a Seloc Publications "Mercruiser Stern Drive Tune up and Repair Manual". Volume 1 covers your engine/drive combo. It shows in good detail all the systems and repairs that you can perform.
  5. redtech
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    redtech Senior Member

    1985 you have pionts check the condition and dwell
    a little extra back pressure in the exhaust can make what seems to be a good engine run bad this is a good place to start and as far as that exhaust bellows no big deal if it's clamped to the drive and if above 350hp just get the snout type
  6. stonebreaker
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    stonebreaker Senior Member

    Is this the same bad bowtie with the 10 second impy?
  7. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    Exhaust might be obstructed. That might have blown the hose off (otherwise why would it come off?). The obstruction isn't enough to prevent it starting--- the muffs in the driveway added pressure enough to clear the obstruction a bit, so it started
    Little mouse house? Try it without the hose connected. And I suspect you have another problem that confuses the issue. When you have two problems, it gets pretty confusing. For instance, the plugs may have fouled as a result of too much back pressure. One problem creating another problem.
  8. Frosty

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    You need to apease the sea gods . Your obviously well in with the ramp gods so no further attention wil be necessary.

    Try executing a small helpless animal just as you are launching.

  9. alan white
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    Believe it or not, this does work. The neighbor's yappy puppy is the natural choice.
    Eating the heart doesn't hurt either. Drop the girlfriend off at the mall, then pick her up and give her a boat ride. They don't "get it" like us guys.
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