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    Good evening everyone,

    I am working on a project and the client requested the casco certified according to the DNV-ST-0342 Craft standard. Normally we work with Lloyds SSC or the ISO-12215. I was hoping someone on this forum has experience building under this standard, because we are not accustomed to working with it.

    My question regards - Metallic materials - machining, welding and joints - Aluminium materials - Joints by welding (see attachment).
    Am I correct in assuming that:
    1. The throat thickness, weld length, and spacing of the following section Steel materials (2.2.2) apply to aluminium structures as well. Though not directly stated, the Aluminium materials section provides no other manner for determining these.
    2. That means we can apply ISO-12215 or DNV-RU-Pa.3-Ch.13 bevel instructions for but welds/tee joint preparations.

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    Hello Earganon, welcome to the forum.

    No. Look further in section, min throat thickness is given in table 2-3

    and in, for length and spacing:

    If you already have your own standards established with LR SSC rules, this will be sufficient.
    I assume you will have something along the lines of:
    upload_2024-5-10_8-49-1.png upload_2024-5-10_8-49-16.png
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    Thank you Ad hoc for your swift reply and welcoming comment.

    Excellent, this was what I meant previously with the Steel materials section. I was only wondering, because does not explicitly reference these tables.

    Alright, as expected!

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    Welcome @Earganon . I hope you will continue to visit and add your own knowledge to that of the forum.
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