welding on negative pressure

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by tightfits, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I was having a hard time getting an airtight hull trully airtight when I discovered that hooking vacume to the hull while zapping a small but persistant leak is very effective. Just wondering if anyone is currently using this method?
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    The reverse method is more common - apply the exhaust of your vacuum to the hull to build Some pressure, but without blowing things out, apply soapy water to the outside in search for the leaking holes.
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    do you know how to press test?
    when we get survey we always use manometer, which is simply a loop of clear tube half filled water, put 2psi in tank, and watch water go up in the second half of loop, should rise to 8 feet head, ok, then leave it settle, on cold day water will drop and hot will rise, but water should stay there, if drops and drops and drops , hey your tank it not tight, dont forget valves on the tank or water may get into it
    for yachts in survey, same way they test a liferaft!!
    no good just testing soap and water, this will find the big leaks, only manometer will be a true test
    no charge for this info
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