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    Guys, Gals
    this ad hoc entity, unknown quantity, , shadow in the mist
    Constantly knocks anybody and everybody
    yet he put forth neither his name, his company, his credentials
    I propose that the people who are qualified and whose business has a big componant(welding) put forth their tickets
    Look, you can not come here spout off , and expect anybody to believe that stuff, unless you can prove who you are and where you have been?
    Otherwise the forum would not stack up, would be, just that, a place where dreamers , post their fantasys and where sometimes liars lurk
    SGS is the biggest testing company worldwide This guy asked me to prove who I was? like after all the pics I post to back up my history
    There are people on here who may not have tickets but who have plenty of hands on skills and whose opinions I for one really respect They probaly can stick as well as any
    Watch his answer
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    Good for you. I like to see people back up their claims. I know it take quite a bit of effort to get one of those certificates
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    And even more effort to dig old certs in the daylight.. Thou I certainly have zip qualifications for welding.. just some "lets try these other sticks, those thicker ones did work"... behind the shed course as a kid :) and next day walking blind and didn't dare to tell parents anything :p
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    not to mention the cost of putting all your guys through
  5. Ad Hoc
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    You fail to grasp the concept of a forum. Whenever some makes a posting either it will be agreed or disagreed. If agreed, no further comment is necessary. But if disagreed what then? simple a debate on the issues which are in disagreement. Note it is the issues that are debated.
    As such, claims can be supported when required by other sources. I have done so my self many times, but funny how these references are ignored, only by 2 people on this forum, you and RW. This is one of many typical examples of once their "claims" have been questioned, they ignore and change tack:

    (post #83)

    and by RW

    Notwithstanding that...when someone counters your claim, yes - claim, NOT a reference, your stance is to attack aggressively to say they are wrong. Do you
    1) acknowledge that their position is different, no.
    2) acknowledge that there is another point of view, no
    3) acknowledge that other people know more than you, no
    4) acknowledge that there are people on this site more intelligent than you, no

    This is all nicely summed up by others here:

    As such, your response to a question aimed at your claim, rather than support your claim by independent evidence and sources you just say look in my gallery (these are just pictures in your own subjective gallery), ie not an independent source, which prove nothing just a bunch of pictures, or you say what have you done, when the point is for you to answer the claim you have made, not the other way around.

    I have yet to see any of your comments/replies where you do not start by saying..look in my gallery.

    Clearly you feel this website is a way of promoting yourself or trying to get others to make you feel superior or so you can sleep better at night. I don't need the "ooohh, how wonderful you are" comments on this website the way you and others do. I offer advice which can be taken or left doesn't bother me. Or a real debate is started by independent verification of references, as it normally done. What does bother me is when people make claims which cannot be supported by independent evidence and also provide incorrect technical advice which is way way above their salary grade! It gives professionals a bad name and just make you look silly, when you don't answer simple questions (as any professional would do), see below, lovely reply in posts #41 and #43 (very professional!!):

    As for your cert. It is way out of date, it was taken in 1989, 20 years out of date, only for 5083, it is not a Class cert, it doesn't state what range of thickness, nor does it state which gas is used for example. But then again, that is not your objective here, your objective is to twist and turn away from answering the question about all YOUR claims, not others!
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    Welding Certification

    I Agree with Ad Hoc.

    That certificate is dangerously out of date.
    My own current Lloyds Certification is only valid for a maximum of 2 years, for a reason: That you are tested as still being competent to weld to that specification, and it also forces you to keep up to date with changes in materials, welding processes, and equipment, which have all changed dramatically since 1989.

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    yes well it is like this, like riding a bike Ad Hoc has NEVER had a cert, nothing changes at all Al is al
    Machines have changed, only because they are programmed, Todays welders can never set up a machine NOTHING apart from welding machines changed since then and providing one keeps working welder quals hold
    <personal insult removed by moderator>Before you open your mouth, take time to rersearch background of members! click on a name, What do you see?
    hey did you look at MY gallery?
    or Ad Hocs?
  8. apex1

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    Stuart, nobody here has a obligation to provide a gallery. Some, like you and me, do it to have some "promotion" for their products, but that is by no means a proof of competence.
    I said it already twice, but let me reply: you are barking up the wrong tree, and thats not my opinion, thats a fact.

  9. lumpy bumpy
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    What dramatic changes ?
  10. Guest62110524

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    i get tired of the crap written here, that bloke just made a most ridiculous statement, , very little in welding changes at all, ever, I have written a chapter in my book , on mig of alloy, does not mean I forget every two years does it?
    You take the Lincoln book of welding, dunno 60 years old? a bible, does that editor, have to sit a weld test every 2 years? Ad Hoc is nit picking, his only form of defence is attack, he never answers a QUESTION , EVER, GOES OF ON TANGENTS Come on , you do not have to mediate between us two ; one day someone will know who he is
    would a doctor, lawyer, plumber sit an exam every two years?
    of course not
    When you make a statement, , you must prove it Proof stacks up
    Anybody for instance in the science world, when he/she makes a statement, backs it up
    i do not post here to get business, or open a gallery to get business, I do it to show people my capabiltys
    You go in to bat for a man you do not know Richard, you only THINK you know
    After 5 years here, i know the genuine and honest folk from the others
    perhaps leo Lazerous is one of our most talented and gifted architects adn CAD users, seek out the stuff between he and Ad Hoc And equally talented people whom you have put down to myself.
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    well in my opinion i think boasting about what you had ( past tense ) and not responding to what a green horn may think with a open mind is somewhat degrading. to have a ( mine are bigger contest ) can only discredit you and prove your lack of self esteem

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    I hope you are not talking to me, because I just gave you points in another thread
    I am not boasting at all I am just trying to prove to one entity, what I have done and this all should have been in another thread
    You have to understand people and what has happened in the past, BEFORE you stand in judgement
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