weight or sailarea?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Brorsan, Oct 4, 2012.

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    upchurchmr, Mr. Woods and PAR gave the only worthwhile answers based on the actual facts in evidence. upchurchmr gets told by a impolite newbie to be quiet. Nice.

    Anyone making logical leaps, deductive assumptions and applying simplified equations to complex questions isn't providing useful foundation for further discussion. I know it makes some people happy to get the answers they want to questions they ask, but it sure doesn't provide any value.

    The original question did provide some useful context - it clearly displayed the original poster did not understand the complexity of the scenario. More frightening than the original question is that people rushed to answer it. Quoting inapplicable statistics, unrelated examples and simplified ratios may seem helpful, but it actually helps obscure the problems with the original question in a cloud of irrelevant numbers.

    The most valuable replies you get to questions are only those that are technically correct and based on facts. You may not like hearing from upchurchmr pointing out your question doesn't provide enough information, but if you are making decisions about your own money, designs, purchases etc. you should pay more attention to him, PAR and Richard Woods.

    Cue outraged responses and the usual rep point deductions for being honest.

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    No need for outraged responses- you're entitled to your opinion. Personally,I think what you wrote is only partially correct and misses important information.
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    Honest is fine, also to state that one need more information to correctly give an answer to a question. But repeatingly post that the question can not be answered will give nothing to no one.
    You are totaly right, i'm a newbie. But i think i was as polite as someone can be, telling some one else not to disturb. Please, even if we disagree, let's not turn just another thread into a "how and how not to behave on a forum".

    Have there been any open multihull class based on brucenumber, and in that case, where people going for as light as possible, as much sailarea the hulls could cary without pitchpolin, or somewhere in the middle?

  4. Brorsan
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    Thanks Doug for the a-cat and f18 comparisson. I'll study it a little closer later today!
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