Weight of one gallon of epoxy resin ?

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    If you go back far enough you were all imports from some where the lot of you !! unless you are an indian ??
    For the past 18 years I been searching my family lineage and found all kinds a things . i can trace my family tree back to 1217 !! Last year i went on a 3 week trip and found and stood in the church where most of my ancesters came from and where lots are buried , found the family crest and have a bronze plaque in the church floor with the family name on it .
    Do you know where you came from ??:confused:
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    Great Britain was Imperial at one time --I can happily do both but have a preference. It was where the USA got it from.

    I remember pounds shillings and pence, ( 12 pennies to a shilling) buying a dozen eggs at a penny halfpenny each is easy!!! (1 shilling and sixpence) .My Headmasters favourite subject --mental arithmetic.

    He would take a class in his pin striped suit and fire questions at any one that looked like they could not answer. He could put the fear of god in any one.

    But this was Uk school we didnt have guns at school, ghetto blasters or even an incorrect tie.

    I was an ink monitor -responsible for filling all ink wells in my class. Later promoted to milk monitor delivering 30 to 32 bottles of full cream milk to every class.

    In those day we learned things that would get you a job and not social security.
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    opening the door for a lady , saying please and thank you , always being on time for a appointment . coming home on time so your mum didnt worry !. we didnt have books at school to write in and used slate and a bit of steel . Later we got books !!,and didnt have to share the reading book with anyone .
    I didnt like school very much untill i got to college and they had engineering and wood work and girls with bumps some small and some big ,wow !! :eek:
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    I still do that, don't seem to be able to break the habbit even though the door often gets slammed in my face or women walk through seemingly not knowing what to do as if it was a pre requisite to sex.

    Doe'snt matter --it makes me feel better than thy are.

    Punctuality----OH dont get me --

    Today it seems professional or superior in some way to be --fashionably late.

    I don't --wont wait. --5 minutes for traffic and im gone --don't care who it is.

    Americans have simplified the Imperial measurement. Pounds,- stones, cwt and tons have all gone. They just use pounds. They cant even do it properley.

    Ive seen on TV some ridiculous suggestion that 'this weighs 1 million pounds' oh --- ha ha ha.

    Doing tons is so hard.
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    I am an Eastern Creek Indian, I decend from ancestor,s from Great Britain (1790 was the latest to come) and America. If you wish to understand Americans a good book to read would be Forgotten Founders by Bruce E. Johansen. Our Native American cultures provide some of our Amercian core, and with understanding this you will never understand us. Rick
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    Looking at my ugly mush I would say Im mostly Roman, dark skin,-- like the sun and drinks a lot.

    sex Orgies--- yup and I don't like snow very much or Germanians.

    How more Roman can you get?
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    Its not fashionably late its ignorance and having the upper hand . When i say a time i mean that is the time i wait a couple of minutes and a get up and walk out .
    Opening a door for a lady here in china specially with my friends is a novalty for them and my girlfriend loves it she always turns and waits for me and if any male tried to push in i step in front of them and just look them up and down and dont say a word !!!they really get pissed off .
    Ignorant ********
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  9. hoytedow
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    How do you feel about geraniums?

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    We left for a reason. Thanks for reminding us why. I also am descended from noble lineage and can trace one line back to 1066(Stafford) that lost its last male heir when he was smuggled into the colonies to keep his head on his body. I had ancestors on both sides of the fight for Independence from England including Ethan Allen and John Borders(Hessian) to mention a few. They achieved a lot but it is up to this generation not to drop the ball. Achievement of title is more important than inheritance of same. Stop pretending you are superior because you are not.
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    They never will.
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    Pardon my stupidity on American cultures but I just have to ask this and perhaps I can understand some or a bit of it:confused: This is not a political issue or argument, just curiosity as the moment presented itself.:)

    Is it not true native Indians were given reserves to stay in to do their own thing culturally and socially and and many are still in these reserves all over the states geographically located for different tribes?

    When my country did something similar to the blacks a few decades ago by giving them homelands geographically applicable to their tribes to do exactly the same by running their own governments and practice their own culture and socializing, we were branded as racists etc and strangely, America produced the biggest and darkest smoke signals all over in that regard, no pun intended :rolleyes:
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    The Indians here who went to reservations got the worst possible land to live on. They were also sent to different eco-systems from the ones to which they were accustomed. The reservations were not a boon to the Indians but more like a ghetto where they lived and live in bad conditions. My cousin was murdered on a reservation in Oklahoma a few months back. The whole idea was the same as the Brits sending the predominantly Irish and Scottish "convicts" by way of prison ships to far-flung colonies like New York, the Carolinas and Australia.

    For your reading enjoyment I suggest the book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

    We also got branded as racist for this action.

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    It is a sad fact that the U.S. government and many of it's political leaders throughout it's relatively short history have had an abysmal record concerning the treatment of Native Americans. Treaties between the two parties were often signed and then intentionally broken almost before the ink was dry. Tribes were usually forced to move from ancestral lands while at the same time being disarmed and told to take up an agrarian lifestyle. This wholesale and institutionalized mistreatment of our indigenous population had devastating consequences for these people that lasted for generations.

    As an American I find it extraordinarily hypocritical that we should be telling any nation how to handle a similar situation. After all isn't that a little like the kettle calling the pot black..?

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