weedeater longtail

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by caveman, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. caveman
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    caveman caveman

    Pics for those of you that was wondering about it this one works and it has been used for almost five years.

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  2. skyl4rk
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    skyl4rk Junior Member

    Thats a really nice setup, can you point me to the thread with the description of how it works?
  3. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Literally a weed whacker with a tiller, LOL!
    How's it like for the driver- easy to keep it stable, I hope?
    Would be neat to see something like that with a more sophisticated prop, could probably get a few knots more top end on the boat with a bit of tweaking!
  4. l_boyle
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    l_boyle ol' can of sardines

    Hummm, should a minn-kota prop work on that set-up?
  5. hansp77
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    Very nice, and simple.

    What boat are you using this on?
    Salt water or fresh water?

    If you don't mind, could you go into more detail-
    what alerations etc did you do.
    did you try a normal prop?

    Thanks, looks good.
  6. caveman
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    caveman caveman

    This is for a 14' pirogue and yes it works and has for the last 5 years through 2 -3" of water in the swamp mostly mud. It is easy to control and no a prop from a trolling motor will not work it is the wrong directionwith the prop thats on it, it will do about 7 mph. This will go where you won't want to walk with hip boots or don't want to paddle to. It will push me a tree stand and a deer in it . May look cheesy but it works!

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  7. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    Cool rig, Caveman.

    Matt is right about the potential with the prop. With the right one, you woudn't have to give up any of the sledgehammer good looks of the current setup and you would get more thrust. More thrust means running the engine at lower rpm's... which means less noise. And we all know how much racket that weedeater can make.

    Still, I really like the way you approached this as a solution and not a problem.

  8. caveman
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    caveman caveman

    Thanks !! Chris,
    Anymore pitch or size will be to much. It might not look like much but it has more then enough for a pirogue. The prop is lite lets the engine reve it is also direct drive. Also this is being run in mud not so much water. To get a better idea visit GO-DEVILS web site and you will understand the type of running this does but at a smaller size. When hunting in the swamp you find ways to do things better then walking. With the extra length on the pipe its really not that noisy a lot quieter than my 25 hp go-devil. The pics don't do justice fo the prop actually has 7 x 3" pitch my go-devils prop is a 9 x 7 a lot of pitch for a 1 hp engine. This is just a "COONASSES" fix for push polling or paddling. Like the ideas keep them coming thanks.

  9. coonneck
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    coonneck New Member

    This is just what a friend and I were talking about last Friday when we were paddling out against the wind on a teal hunt. I would love to see this in person. I travel to LA all the time from MS. If you don't mind me being nosey please call me so I can see it first hand. I will buy you lunch or dinner at the place of your choice. My number is 601-818-6690 and my name is Andrew Molaison. You can also email me at molaison@comcast.net.
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