Ways to transport hull of catamaran

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mariobrothers88, Jun 2, 2021.

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    Hi Mariobrothers,
    Well this is what I did when I needed to transport and store my 12.4M catamaran hull tooling.
    One rainy Sunday afternoon I watched Lucille Ball in the Long Long trailer and thunk to myself... that's what I need... a long long trailer but flat top, i sketched up the ladder trusses for the sides, did a material list and had the frame welded out that week. It's made of 75 x 50 x 3mm rectangular hollow section steel, has 45mm axles & electric brakes, took about two weeks in total. The flat parallel section is 8 metres long with the tapered drawbar 3metres long so 11M or 36' in total, tows nice. I can tow it easy with a station wagon empty or lightly loaded but with weight get a small truck and driver for it. It can be used as a strongback for building or to support a large melamine laminating table. Great for light big things. On its own weighs 660 kilograms. The axles rated for 3600KG combined but regoed for 2000kg. Works for me. The side trusses were made top to top & tacked together so they stayed straight during weld out then cut the tacks and set up for cross members, there's gussets at the intersections. Cost about 3.5 K Australian for steel and parts except the wheels and tyres which were given to me off an old Nissan plus the time which was fun. The lightboard is removable so not in the pics.
    Regards from Jeff.
    Multihull trailer | Boat Design Net https://www.boatdesign.net/gallery/multihull-trailer.28210/
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    I have a 24' boat trailer that would work fine...you just need to have 10' sticking out the back and hope noone smashes into you.

    or put it on a semi for safer transport..

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    Wow that is an awesome trailer and concept Waikikin!

    I assumed I'd rent a normal flatbed semi-trailer to transport my hulls here in Europe and that this would be relatively cheap. The standard length is 13.6m so with 1.5m overhang you could transport 50' hulls without much fuss.
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