Wavebike pedal powered vessel

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by KimB, Jun 12, 2015.

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    I just took my Wavebike out of storage where it has been for at least ten years.

    Does anyone know what happened to George the designer/builder and how to get in touch with him? I got this vessel from the original owner when he lost interest.

    Does anyone know how many were built?

    This is a long narrow canard stabilized "kayak" like human powered boat.


  2. Wade Campbell
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    Wade Campbell New Member

    Kim, if you still have your wavebike, any interest in selling it?
  3. BlueBell
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    I spoke with the owner about four years ago.
    Would have been George I suppose.
    Nice guy.
    He didn't make any money on the wave bike.
    It used a surf-ski kayak as the platform.
    Crazy good promo video he made for the times.
    It's on Youtube.
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