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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by asterix, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Can anyone help with information on wave making machines that will operate in the sea using a bladder as apposed to a hydraulic system.
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    You need to move the flap in both directions, so when using a bladder you will need one on each side. The other option is springs etc.

    The use of hydraulics is in my opinion the best, especially in terms of having total control over the generation of the waves. The force, speed and position and hence the properties of the generated wave can be controlled with modern electronics and PLC's.
    Hydraulics will be more reliable and easier to maintain, especially if you use ones specially designed for use in or around seawater.

    If there are issues of pollution from spillage of hydraulic oil, then the other option is pnuematic cylinders, although for a given size they will have less power.

    Why do you want to use a bladder?

  3. asterix

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    Hi Michael,
    My thoughts were based on cost as I was looking at a length of 300mtrs and a wave height of 2mtrs.
    If air could be pumped into a bladder envelope that would open and calapse disturbing the water creating the wave.
    Any thoughts on capturing the energy from existing sea swell and
    storing or redirecting.
    regards Asterix
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