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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Dan Ellison, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Les Staudacher

    ( www.lesliefield.com , click on "other history" then on "straightaway record." )

    In the articles about Les Staudacher on Leslie Field's site, it can be seen how when Staudacher had the opportunity to build a second WSR jet boat he went away from the pickle fork airtrapping hull of Tempo Alcoa to an outrigger design much like Bluebird for Miss Stars & Stripes. Unlike a modern pickle fork drag boat, when Staudacher was testing Tempo Alcoa it would sometimes take him a mile to break suction and get on plane, so with Miss Stars & Stripes he was looking to build a hull that would break loose much easier.

    Although it was a helluva way for a photographer to get the shots, the photos of Miss Stars & Stripes upsidedown on the shore give some great views of the boat's underside details
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    Dan, as an avid dragboat racing fan and after seeing two of your hulls at the IHBA World Finals this year, I was interested to find out more information about the hull and you. The only information I have come across is this forum and the B&R Racing site, which I have been following for a few years. Dan, you should create a website of your own so your vision can be made more public and possible gain some sponsor money to progress your vision. I highly respect what you are doing and wish you the best of luck. Please keep us up to date on your progress.

    I would like to see, be kept up to date and a continued list of the following:

    1- Pictures of Arfons’ Deaver hull.
    2- Dates and locations of attempts to set a new water speed record.
    3- A continued list of people / organizations and websites that are pursuing the water speed record.

    • Dan Ellison
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    Craig Arfons


    I posted some of my photos of Craig Arfons' boat in the above thread.
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    Hoffman, thank you for your interest. I have not made it official about the waterspeed record. I am hoping to generate enough interest in the hull that an attempt would be possible. Just getting the 3 drag boats on the water has been a struggle. The boats are a small part-time project. I'm also waiting for the group out of california(unamed still) to make there run. The only thing holding me back is a lack of funding. Hope this will change this year. As far as the web site, coming in the near future.
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    Dan - The hybrid rocket technology being developed by this drag racing team in England might be the most affordable powerplant having all the characteristics needed for a WSR boat.
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    That's the same type of powerplant that Burt Rutan used on Space Ship One to win the X-prize.
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    Both systems use nitrous oxide as the oxidizer.

    The dragster's system is in some ways a little more sophisticated than Rutan's because it has a degree of throttleability while Rutan's system was simply on/off.
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    Congrats on your world record Dan. Heres Dans website.


    I have one of his RC models and its neat to know the same person who built mine , built many record holding boats RC and full size. Heres a link to info on his models. Never know.. One day his models maybe collectable.


    Iv always dreamt about building a full size rigger and was wondering if you could answer a few questions about your latest outrigger.

    Is the AOA on the full scale sponsons close to the models at around 3 degrees?

    Your full size uses rear sponsons but your models don't. Can you briefly explain why.

    And where is the CG on your full size rigger? Does it follow the 15% after plane guide lines we use for models?

    Again.. Congrats Dan. Your living the dream! Good luck!
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    An update on ellison race concepts, Working on the 7th outrigger hull, 6 are top fuel and the 7th is an alchohal version. Current IHBA et record holder@ 4.58 sec and current SDBA et record holder @ 4.81 sec. 07 and 08 SDBA top fuel champion, IHBA national event winners @ augusta, red bluff, and sandiego bayfair. The wsr hull is in the works as most of the running gear has been sponsored or promised, I am looking for a T-55 as this will be a propeller driven craft. Both records will be attempted, propeller and outright. Thanks all for the interest, Dan
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    wtg dan i just saw this a skimmed threw it a bit
    do you know about Al copland Jr,s new boat
    i spoke with Ken Warby on the putor the other day
    they should get the proppeller record but Kens record will never be beat with a proppller driven boat
    IMO and Kens IMO
    but heres the link and i have pictures of the new boat on my shop putor from its unveiling in keywest
    i would love to see your new boat heres my email

    did you make fire lake this year my other hydro i built ran lake racer # 002 he had engine trouble but it ran first pic is of the new paint as it raced in the finals

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    I saw that a while back. The current speed record for the quarter mile is 260 and change with several passes @264 and 265mph . my hull has ran 262 and 270. I have designed my outrigger to run over 300 with props. It can be done with a small amount of funding. I need a sponsor and I can build the rest and it's on the water for the propeller and outright record. I bet I could do it for less than what there paintjob cost!
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