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Discussion in 'Props' started by ahmetcan_34, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Hey there,
    We are trying to built a carbon-fiber waterbike for our school project.

    The vessel length is 5.90 meters
    beam is 0.75 m
    depth is 0.4 m
    and draft is about 0.16 meters.

    Vessel will be used by two students.
    The power we are planing to about 1.5kW.

    What kind of propeller do you suggest? It may be two-bladed because we dont care about cavitation or vibration :)
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    can you post any drawings or photos
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    The world record for a professional cyclist in one hour is 430W. I don't think your students will be able to produce almost double that power. This is the guy: http://www.wolfgang-menn.de/sosenka.htm
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    Do a search on these forums for Pedal Powered Boats. There is lots of great advice and info eg

    One thing I can share, is that when you design the drive shaft for the two bladed prop, don't worry much about drive shaft support.

    A 3/8" stainless steel shaft over a meter long is fine, as the shaft will self align, and stay rigid as power is applied, without the need for any kind of extra support along its length.

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