waterballast set-up for 40ish foot (almost) racing yacht

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by patrick2wd, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Im looking at these, reading them,
    but strugling to get an easy overview,

    Im not a designer, who's been into designing boats/ yachts or similar, but I know what "looks" good and want something good-looking working great, or perhaps even better,
    I have a high school technical degree, but in a constructural background..
    hence my request for info on a water ballast system.

    Im not trying to be "all knowing" and understand there is much more to it than just getting on a forum and "asking" for info..

    we are slowly getting into basics for our boat for which if the client gets his funds, we start building in febuary 2015.
    and yes, I'll post it up here, once we get started..
    for me this forum is to get more specific/ detailed info on several subjects (maybe the easy way) like waterballast and more..

    therfore, any info is still welcome wheather you want to participate in this thread or not..

    It's just, if this project remains on the shelf, its good for me to lear a bit and we'll might scale the project down to a 34-ish footer..
    maybe even with water ballast..

    and there's nothing dark about me,
    its just that I dont want to get that much info out there about our project.
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