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Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by tromas, May 11, 2009.

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    I have a 1975 mercruiser 888 with a ford 302. i took the boat out twice last june then parked it and drained the water out of the motor at the start of winter. i noticed the other day when i was getting it ready to take out this summer that there was water in the oil, the oil was green and runny (except for in the filter which was really thick) the oil was fine other than a little bit dirty before i took it out last june. any info to why this has happend would help, blown head gaskets, didnt get the water out and cracked the block during the winter?
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    Maybe, the lone way is to autopsy the engine. There many reasons to find water in the oil, from head gasket to faulty toric joint of the wet cylinder sleeves in some engines.
    It's a major problem, the engine could die from that. So it's better to take it out, and check it carefully. And repair when the origin is clearly identified. No guessing allowed. Very bad luck indeed.
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    It never is a good idea to take the liquids out of an engine. Making them (water) frostproof is the better way, the oil should be replaced with the cheapest to find engine oil filled to the uppermost possible level. (Never crank a engine a single turn if filled that high up!)
    Your prob can have a hundred possible sources, but ever so often it is just condense water that has built up and is now found in the oil. The intact oil in the filter is a signal that there was no water in the oil as the engine was running last time.
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