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Discussion in 'Stability' started by troutbridge, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Hi , Please can you help me. I have a Eurobanker 28 fly bridge sedan made in Denmark in 1978 (28 ft long X 8 ft beam X 3.6 ft draft )there is a holding/ballast tank at the forward half of the vessel under the sole floor ,this floor is 3" to 4 " thick . The tank holds about 22 gal ( 400ltr , 220Ibs, 83.2791kg ) of water ,it runs from the engine room bulkhead to the bow under the bow locker and is aprox 2ft wide and tapers to the bow . The tank does not have any pipes connected to it and the shower sump is separate , The only holding tank is a rubber black waste tank at the stern port quarter in the lazarette below the stern deck . Below the helm amid ship is the Ford Lehman 80 hp engine and on each side of that fresh water tanks 2 x 26 gal(120 ltr) to port and 2 x 26 gal (120 ltr )to sbd , aft of the gearbox a fuel tank of 150 gal (681.913 ltr ) is fitted , the vessel is about 6 imp ton . Can anyone advise me if this would be a water ballast tank fitted at the time when produced in Denmark .I am trying to find out more about these vessels . Thank you for looking.
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    100 litres is pretty tiny.
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    True Mr E - the 22 gallon tank that "runs from the engine room bulkhead to the bow under the bow locker and is aprox 2ft wide and tapers to the bow" . is actually only 84 litres, not 400 ltr, so its pretty small ballast. Yachts of similar length but a lot lighter use over 150 litres of permanent ballast.

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    If you are thinking about putting permanent ballast, it would be best to forget the liquid ballast and think about solid ballast.
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