Water-Ballast vs. Anti-roll tanks for converted trawler

Discussion in 'Stability' started by makobuilders, Sep 29, 2011.

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    I am considering converting a heavy steel trawler to a cruiser. 50ft X 16.5ft X 8ft, 60 tons at max displacement. Tankage 4000g fuel, 1000g water.

    Prior to hiring a NA I am seeking info here. Because she would be lightly loaded as a cruiser she will need more permanent ballast, and I am considering adding water ballast to counter the tankage when depleted. I think about 2000g, well baffled, would be sufficient. The fish hold has plenty of accessible space to weld in new tanks.

    Is it worth considering making the seawater ballast tanks into anti-roll tanks? Simply two tanks (port and stbd) with a large gate valve joining them. Most opinions on this matter seem to be quite negative to the idea for small boats, especially concerning the cost of design, tuning and their true effectiveness in practice.

    The mast and outriggers have been removed so paravanes would be quite expensive to fit.
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    If you are considering adding permanent ballast then we'd be happy to discuss options.
    Mark Ensio
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