Wanted Yacht Lofting & Project Manager (NC)

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Guest, Nov 27, 2001.

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    Will supervise lofting and construction of custom composite yachts.

    Project manager for new construction and repair.

    Consult with design engineers regarding structural requirements.

    Minimum 4 years experience.

    Contact Paul Bennett, Bennett Brothers Yachts. (910) 772-9277
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    you just laid a dozen guys off. and you wonder why you cant find good help. yawnnnnnnnn.
  3. rajmuddappa
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    I have been in the composite and fiberglass design and manufacturing since 1985. I have experience with carbon and glass molds; kevlar, carbon and glass prepregs. Worked for an Advanced Light Helicopter Prototype and Pre-series production with German collaboration. Was trained at Eurocopter for the design and manufacturing of advanced composite parts and molds, sandwich panels, assembly, testing, inspection, special tools, etc. Also worked on 650 Kw Wind Turbine Blades, Light Aircraft, Bonded satellite panels, etc. Supevised over 30 composite workers; Liasied with design and stress engineers.

    If you are still looking for a capable person to work on your projects, please e-mail me.

    Thank you.


    Raj Muddappa
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    Experience managing projects from production to one offs

    Project to develop a new sports cruiser boat from scratch including Design, hull construction, fairing up, Engine room installation, Interior fit out, accounts, marketing, staff management. Developed using a unique construction technique.

    Project manager during the re-development and construction of 70 foot Catamarans. Involved procurement of materials, Scheduling of work, Time Management, Planning and Costing, supervising of teams, accounts organisation. Use of composite materials, spread sheets and Planning programs.

    Qualified in Yacht Manufacturing Management with good understanding of lines plans, & experience of lofting drawings. Excellent understanding of glass & fibre re-enforced plastics including strength properties, formulations & production processes.

    Contact Andrew Williamson (andywilliamson69@yahoo.com)
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    Traveled to NC to interview for this job. Money no object??? I was told I wouldn't 'fit in' this company. This job does not exist. There is no place to loft.
  6. gonzo
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    Are you the same "guest" who talked about the layed out workers?
  7. Jeff
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    I should point out that the original post is dated way back from 11-27-2001
  8. Willallison
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    Wouldn't it be a shame if disgruntled former employees (or customers, as we've obviously seen in a couple of other threads) ruined it for the rest of us. Too much of this sort of stuff and those in the industry won't want to know about us.
    Put up, or shut up - no, just plain bugger off!:mad:
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    I agree with this last post. I personally interviewed for this company and they certainly DO have loft space and they certainly are quality conscience in the utmost. IF you have the talent and the experience and the desire to so called "fit in" you can indeed have a good job with this company. The staff and crew were the best and Wilmington is a great and growing place.
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    Why not CAL?

    What do you need loft space for these days?

    I would assume you would use CAD and CNC to do Computer Aided Lofting - at least use full size Mylar patterns or 2D CNC wood patterns if not full 5 axis routing.
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    Traditional lofting is a dying art. Why not CAD? There is no such thing as a round line in computer language. The soul of the boat begins with the full size loft.

  12. CDBarry
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    Maybe so, but CAL/NCC is less expensive, gets good, extremely accurate,documented shapes and can be used to automatically make parts or plugs.

    I am, by the way, a traditionally trained lofter as well, as are most of the CAL/NCC lofters I know.
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