Wanted: UK architect for a composite contruction, category A, ~ 35’ monohull project

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by imposition, Apr 12, 2009.

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    The reason I’m posting on this forum is to find a UK architect ideally by personal recommendation from others on this forum. It would be ideal if the architect was in the South East of England and have experience in modern design, specification and project management relating to the following design overview. I’d be grateful if anyone could offer their thoughts on selecting a suitable person.



    Very briefly, I have an urgent requirement for live-in, self-sufficient, fast, ocean-going sailing-cruiser. I have thoroughly checked the normal new and second-hand markets. The one-off and self-build options on-line showed more promise, except the designs are all less than about 26 feet and the hull shapes are a little dated. A stodgy motor-sailor is not at all what is wanted so much as a fast sailing boat. If it can be smaller without compromising the performance, with a full load, so much the less expensive to build and run and so much the better.

    Owing to the usual financial constraints, I may be obliged to self-build to realise my requirements:

    1) Category A specification & STIX 50 approx
    2) Epoxy-glass / Corecell sandwich, NOT Polyester, construction.
    3) Full water-tight integrity (with WT doors / hatches to compartments)
    4) “Modern” hull-shape (No over/under-hung bow/stern), wide more aft.
    5) Capacity for 8 crew + stores
    6) Immersion rate / capacity for calorifier, extra batteries, wind-gen, extra hw.
    7) Trapezoidal Fin Keel.
    8) Underhung rudder(s)
    9) Tiller-steer
    10) Deck-mounted, lowering mast
    11) Configured to be conned (with auto-helm / tiller-push) from below / chart position.
    12) Folding, reversing pitch propeller
    13) Kubota Beta Motor

    I am looking around a LWL of around 9.96 to 10.96 metres, and a LOA of 9.98 to 10.98 metres, but a LOA of 10.48 metres (LWL 10.4 metres) could be a good starting point, from which we could make some predictions and make some educated guesses about the effects of increasing the dimensions for enhancing performance or reducing them for enhanced running costs.

    These are my fundamental ideas gleaned from what I have seen, sailed and researched in the normal way.
    I could really benefit from hearing from others who could make sense of all this and come up with some ideas, estimates and compromises.

    Thank you in advance.
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    ask Ken Latham, Poole

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