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    sodium borate is Borax,can be purchased in any supermarket and ethylene glycol is radiator fluid, this is much better then using cuprinol or other preservatives that will not allow you to do any future repairs in the area treated with epoxy....dont mis-understand borate and radiator fluid are poisen but not copper-cides.I have a 1930 42' schooner and this is my preferred meathod of treating any spots that the wood looks "hairy" (after scraping) as i had this problem under some shelving built over the lower horn timber area.after making sure the area was venting again(removed shelving)
    it was treated this wayand then painted, i really dis-like the thought of any epoxie but just in case the best mix is the 25/75/50 hope this helps someone -james

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    just wanted to ask about the pictures of the schooner. I used to own that boat and was wondering where it is now.I sold it to someone who moved it to the northwest. the boat was actually built in 1934 and is 32 ft
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