Wanted - Somebody to enter data onto a software program for a few $$$

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Shibumi, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Should have said $ not $$$ I suppose :D

    Seriously though, I've got a refit to start on my own 70' wooden Gulet from next month - lots to do and not much time to do it.

    I've been a pro marine engineer for 35 years and used to own a boatyard doing +/- 1,000 boat lifts a year. I was a full member of the Institute of Marine Engineers / Nuclear Engineers / Naval Architects so you wouldn't be talking to a dreamer.

    But, - I come from a pre-software era and haven't got the time before the start of the refit to get up to speed. I can draw a manual lines plan, buttocks, stations etc. but not on a pc. Even using a drawing board I would be very slow these days.

    The boat obviously exists already but there are no plans so I would have to do manual measurements for somebody to load for me.

    I don't need mega computations, just overall views so that we can then work together to try out new rig layouts, new coachroof / wheelhouse designs etc.

    I'm happy to take all responsibility for the decisions so there is no comeback on anybody else - I just want some 'views' (artists impressions almost) to try out a few ideas.
    Anybody up for it - I'm happy to pay for reasonable hours worked, could be a good starter project for someone.


  2. CgarciaDesign
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    CgarciaDesign Junior Member

    i would be interested in helping for a small fee...please email me directly to discuss.
  3. magwas
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    magwas Senior Member

    Please drop me an email to "mag at magwas dot rulez dot org". I could not contact you privately because you have not enabled it.

    I would draw your boat and proposed modifications in FreeShip. I can give you the freeship file, 3d autocad file, and 2d autocad file of any standard view, linesplan and developments if applicable. I can give you pictures (either in picture format or pdf which is directly printable) of any of the above, and perspective view of the boat as rendered by freeship. I can also do more professional rendering with Blender, if I must, but I would ask more questions for it:)
    I ask no money, but answers to my questions. I am a hobbyist, but want to learn to design structurally sound boats. I have very stong background in math, but my knowledge in mechanics ends somewhere around calculating stresses in a bit more complicated than simple beams, and I have no experience to use this knowledge in real word. I did read scantling rulebooks but I would not say I can apply all what is written there to produce correct calculations. I don't want you to do the calculations just to explain how to do them and maybe check them.
    I would post all the questions and answers here to help others to learn this art.
  4. burakkosk
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    burakkosk Naval Architect

    I can draw your boat in 2D with AutoCAD and then we can work for 3D with Rhino regarding to 2D drawings. If you ask some samples of my works please e-mail me at burakkosk@gmail.com. I'm located in Bodrum, Turkey and I'm building steel gulets here for five years.

    hope to hear from you soon,

    Burak Köşkdereli
  5. FloatingViking
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    FloatingViking real world yacht design

    Hi Steve
    I have doe several refits and complete new "rebuilds" of both contemporary and historical vessels where plans were not available. I can model in 3D and then produce Auto-Cad drawings if required. My last full build is a 50ft 100yearold fishing vessel where I produced plans for the new vessel from measurements taken from the original vessel (I can send samples of work ) .
    All the best
  6. DHMzip
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    DHMzip Junior Member

    I am a yacht design student on summer break, and have lots of free time on my hands. I can easily create a 3D model for you and help with whatever design you may need. please email me: dhmzip@yahoo.com

    you can also see my portfolio website for examples of what I can do:
  7. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Gentlemen, thank you very much indeed for your replies!

    I have to admit that, as I have been so busy, I hadn't really thought through the possibility of so many replies and how I would deal with it fairly.
    Clearly it would not be fair to pitch those already earning a living in this area with those just wanting to gain a foot on the ladder (and vice-versa) so to speak.
    It was never my intention to set up a 'bidding war' and I won't let this happen.

    Could you please let me just sleep on this overnight to think through what would be a fair way forward - then I'll email a photo of the boat with a few more details to everyone above in the morning and we can go from there.

    As I said. I don't want to start a bidding war, so can we say that the list is now closed and I'll deal only with with one of the above - is that fair?

    Many thanks again.

  8. watchkeeper

    watchkeeper Previous Member

    A small bit of advise from someone who's been there done that etc, if possible try to work with a Turk NA or designer. The're mostly pretty good, know gulets, the scantlings and local build method plus what can/can't be done with the hull, and whats availible in materials at best prices.
    If your vessel is in Bodrum contact Surveyor Mark Waiter at Bodrum Marine Services, he'll put you in touch with suitable guys. They are all unemployed at the moment plus most yards are empty so prices will be low.
  9. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member

    Thanks for that W/K, the boat is actually in the UK (and will refit here). I hear what you say, in fact I've just got back from a 10 day trip to Bodrum to try to sus out the local scene as you recommend. Didn't make much progress unfortunately but I'll try Mark. Thanks for the tip.

  10. watchkeeper

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    Hi Steve

    If its any help I can send you pics of the redesign I did for rebuild of my 25mt ketch built in Black Sea yard to Italian design. Hull is oak frame, chesnut carvel plank with B. teak deck and A. teak upper works. I completely gutted mine to empty hull then refitted as modern classic, replaced every ships system and machinery, all standing spars, rigging etc plus keel and engine. Project took 18months but the result was brilliant.

    One change I since decided on - replaced 90% the varnish with 2 pk white.
    If interested send me a PM with your email and I'll send you photos plus CAD (or pdf)
  11. vazer

    vazer Previous Member

    I would like to build small boat (20') on my own, I do not have any money to buy boat building plans
    would some of you be so kind and draw plans for me, for free,of course

    you can model in 3D and then produce Auto-Cad drawings and PDF

    I am Croat, currently living in Dubrovnik,

    thank you very much and sorry for my poor english

    something like this



    LOA: 6.1m (20'0")

    Beam: 2.1m (6'11")

    Draft Min: 0.4m (1'4")

    Draft Max: 0.7m (2'4")

    Displacement: 750kg (1,433.3lbs)

    Headroom: 1.7m (5'7")
  12. szkutnik
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    szkutnik Junior Member

  13. magwas
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    magwas Senior Member

    Which building technique are you thinking about? (I would build this size steel origami, but I am not interested in power boats.)

    Tell me more about how do you plan to use your boat.

    I would certainly not be able to draw a good planing hull, but I have found a free .hul file.
    It says "20 ft planning boat" by Larry A.
    I have transformed it to have your specified beam (it had 2.8m originally).
    Now its displacement is 2 tons at 0.4m draft, and full height of the hull is less than 1.7m

    I attach a picture, and you can see all aspects of it with the free program FreeShup+.
    I can modify the drawing according to suggestions, can make a drawing for the sheets for origami, or the cross sections for FRP mould (I guess, I have never built a mould).
    I can push buttons to arrive at some conclusions about its stability or resistance, however I cannot guarantee anything about stability, resistance or mechanical properties.

    But someone may chime in who points out at least basic errors or tells something about rules of thumbs we can use.

    There is another design, saying "Lines taken from a Platt Monfort hull", "modified by Jonathan Eells". I better like its more classical lines.
    After some adjustments it is 1.323 tonnes displacement in 0.4m draft, specified LOA and beam. I guess a similar size cabin could be drawn on it like the previous one.

    Your turn.

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  14. vazer

    vazer Previous Member

    thank you marekand and magwas I would like to,if you can do it

    nothing special, just that I have something to start with

    my friend was timber/plywood trader,he closed his business last year,and moved from Croatia to Australia. He gave me some marine grade plywood (enough for boat this size) but I don't have extra money to buy plans, so I thought there is still good people left in the world who are willing and would like to help

    I plan to use boat mostly for fishing (have couple of fishing nets)

  15. Shibumi
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    Shibumi Junior Member


    Please accept my sincere apologies, I've had to break off from the boat situation to deal with a family funeral - I'll post back as soon as it's all sorted.


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