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Wanted mold builder for small craft

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Tony, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Guys Im building a hunting boat called a layout boat and would like to find someone in the ohio area if possible to make me a plug of the boat I build. OR if someone could guide me through the process. main problem is I dont ahve the appropriate tools and such. also what would the costs be for a simple top and bottom half. here is a link to a similar craft along the same lines of the one Im building.
    http://www.marsh-monster.com/marshmonster pictures/minilayout.jpg
    aprox size is 10ft by 4 1/2ft
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member


    Call John Riddle at Riddle Boat Works in Lorain, OH. His telephone number is 440-949-2999. You can also reach him through his website at www.riddleboatworks.com. I don't know how much tooling experience he has, but he certainly is a good boatbuilder. Tell him I sent you.

  3. jammer
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    jammer Old, bald and ugly

  4. RealityBoatCo
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    RealityBoatCo Junior Member

  5. sharkeymarine
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    sharkeymarine 2 Fins Up!!


    Will these molds work out for you?

    If need be, you can always add an insert to make it a flat-bottom...
    The deck would be perfect for hunting...
    Check it out: Boat Mold Pics

    Here are some pics of the boats:

    Attached Files:

  6. JDTriGroup
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    JDTriGroup Junior Member

    if your interested in building your own mold, you can find some information about mold and plug building at www.FibreGlast.com if you decide to build your own i HIGHLY suggest using a CAD drafting program for designing a hull, (i use AutoCad,ProE7, And MaxSurf) i hope that helped!
    J Stanhope,
    Designer/Creator of "cutting edge" for
    the film the truth.
  7. President- FiberTech

    We specialize in the construction and design of plugs and molds less than 35'. Contact me please so we can discuss this project or I can give you some advice.

  8. tja
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    tja Senior Member

    Duck Boat

    Hello Tony, I'm in ohio and i build a line of duck boats. I don't build any layout models so lets talk. Email me at tayers@neo.rr.com , Tom.
  9. sharkeymarine
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    sharkeymarine 2 Fins Up!!

    My 13 ft Bullet Molds are now SOLD!!!

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    BOB KAEMPEN Junior Member

    Tony- I am an expert Plug builder. Do you still require assistance on your project? If you do, my E-mail address: crkaempen@yahoo.com

    Bob Kaempen

  11. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Can someone tell me and show me type of fiberglass boat suited for Mahakam river and do anybody wanna sell such design and mold?

    I am also looking for longboat mold for fiberglass................... any seller or builder?
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