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WANTED: Copenhagen ship curves

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jeffjsb, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. jeffjsb
    Joined: Mar 2002
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    Location: WI

    jeffjsb New Member

    I am looking for a complete set or close to of Copenhagen ship curves with or w/o carrying case. I have some basic ones now but I would like to get near a full set. If you have some or know of anyone that has any, I would be interested in them.
  2. Peter_T
    Joined: May 2003
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    Location: Gulf Coast

    Peter_T Junior Member

    Someone asked for the duck weights and I found them available together with French curves supplies. These are still used in learning centers and for those who draws on paper instead of with the computer. Really was hard to locate the source, these items are endanger species.!!!


  3. L.DOSSO
    Joined: May 2003
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    Location: FRANCE

    L.DOSSO Junior Member

    I have been drafting well with ducks made of aluminum round tubes maybe 11 cm high and by pouring lead into. They weight 1.3-1.5 kg. They have no hook(they bear against the batten witout hook).One heavier wheight (2x1.3-1.5kg) is usefull;you glue two ducks described above on a thin wood plank,then you secure the whole with greytape and you can even add a copper hook.
  4. Ron Harmon

    Ron Harmon Guest

    Ship Curves


    I have 8 Ship Curve curves (C-THRU) if you are still intersted. They are new as in never used but a few years old. Perfectly clear plastic and several are still in the heat sealed package.

    Found them when our Engineering group was bought out last year and nobody wanted them as we were closing down.

    If you don't need them, please pass on my offer to someone else who may need them.

  5. Robert Miller
    Joined: Dec 2003
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    Location: Rhode Island

    Robert Miller Junior Member


    Do you still have these?



  6. jonstinton
    Joined: May 2004
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    Location: England

    jonstinton Newbie


    Hi people, i'm looking for a small set of Copenhagen Ships Curves, been looking around for a bit, but i just wondered if anyone else has a small set they dont need anymore.

    I'm based in the UK so it is harder for me to find them :( can anyone help me out?
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