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Wanted Boat Molds and other

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by JustinJ, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. JustinJ
    Joined: Jan 2010
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    Location: Florida

    JustinJ New Member

    I am looking for some center console walkaround molds
    Kayak Molds
    Dingy Molds
    Power Pedestal Molds
    Dock Box Molds

    Please send pics, location, and asking price
  2. mc22
    Joined: Feb 2010
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    Location: florida

    mc22 Junior Member

    I maybe have something you would be interested in is a 17 old classic lap strake with double livewell and 2 coolers and a front compartment maybe want to get rid of these molds if anyone is interested
  3. AnzaMarine10
    Joined: May 2010
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    Location: Florida

    AnzaMarine10 New Member

    I have a large selection from center consoles to walk-a-arounds and high performance boats. If you are interested contact me: 786-234-8854

  4. rotomould
    Joined: May 2010
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    Location: Shanghai,China

    rotomould New Member

    RE:Boat & Kayak Molds

    Dear Sir ,
    We are a rotomoulder from China .As one of the biggest rotomould factory in China with 20 years experience , we offer CNC cast aluminium rotomold and rotomoulded plastic products for our customers , we can help you from design to final product.
    We have much experience making kayak & canoe ,boat mould and have enjoyed good reputation from our customers .
    Our advantages for kayak&Canoe, boat mould are as follows :
    1. CNC cast aluminium .
    2.No porosity on the mould .
    3. Polish can be mirror surface .
    3.Short lead time .
    If you have your design and want to develop your new kayaks & canoes and boat by rotational moulding process , you can send your design or sample so that we can quote you the cost .
    If you have skype ,please add me : Daniel_chunxumould
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon !

    Daniel Liang

    Sales Manager
    Tel: +86 13564961426
    Fax: 86-021-59973366
    Skype: Daniel_chunxumould
    Website: http://www.chunxumould.com
    E-mail: Daniel_chunxumould@126.com

    MSN: Daniel_liang2007@hotmail.com
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