Want to learn to marinize diesel engines

Discussion in 'DIY Marinizing' started by SURFERBOY732002, Jun 12, 2005.

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    hi, i'm new at this forum. I have worked with diesel engines for many years for industrial applications, all known trademarks fron allis-chalmers to yanmar in all sizes. I have the resources to find many used diesel engines but i'm looking for a supplier that could help me marinize this engines supplying me the stuff need it to do it properly. Some of the engines i could work with are isuzus NPR diesel, Mack Midliner 6 cyl turbo, John deere, Perkins and some Yanmars to name you some. Any help would be appreciate it. Thanks.
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    marinizing engines

    SURFERB, it might help to note that just as the industrial packagers of generators, hyraulic power packages and welding machines all take the standard engine and add 'their' own items to achieve the application; so do engine marinization companies.

    Asking for an off-the-shelf set of parts to marinize a given engine, or one series from a certain manufacturer, may be asking for someone's proprietary business info! Let's take a non-factory marinized Detroit Diesel engine. I don't think Stuart and Stevenson (TX) is too keen on providing a machine shop in, say Seattle, all the details, parts and mod's needed to convert the factory block GM Deisel to a marine performance item. I think S&S is likely to say- buy our product.

    If you go to <boatdeisel.com> you'd find a lively discussion of the ins and outs for most engines, and that is an almost completely engine community. Maybe those guys will be able to reflect about the individual components, sources and details that you're looking for?

    I wish you well with your endeavor, but you may need to put in some parts research and testing hours to assemble the needed parts and mod's to marine an engine reliably. I'm not aware of a single supplier who provides all the parts for engine marinization, since the variety of manufacturers, their model variants, and model year changes is a large number. Also the application of the engine to a specific range or model of boat increases the number of variables you'd have to consider before buying one core and marinizing it.

    Best of luck, Cheers,
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    http://www.martec.se/html/sanjuan.htm--- San Juan manufacturing co. for
    heat exchangers.

    Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama, Inc. for exhaust manifolds.

    a water pump supplier.

    paint (dupont et.al.)

    machine shop for brackets.

    www.vetus.com for all sorts of stuff.


    i am going to marinize what ever diesel engine i settle on for my boat.
    it will have a dry exhaust.

    dont let people tell you it can't be done, can't be done well, or its all
    proprietory, etc. good self marinization is done all the time, all over the world.


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    If you are a mechanic, the cheapest solution is to buy a rebuildable marine engine and do it yourself.
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