want to design a rc solar powered boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Zain, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Zain Junior Member

    Hey i want to design a RC solar powered boat prototype using batteries 5ft in length and 3.5ft in width...Its ma mechanical final year project we have to cover design,fabrication,machining,assembling and a successful test run..we are using fiber glass for fabrication...the main things are design,propeller and the propeller shaft,rudder,motor..i am a beginner and have not a much knowledge in marine engineering...so i want a simple but a efficient design....and the mechanism....guideness is needed thanks in advance
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    You posted about this before didn't you? What has changed?
  3. Zain
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    Zain Junior Member

    yeah i had posted it before...but i am not able to decide the design....we have only 3 months to do....at that time it was just a plan but now we have to start it tomorrow...:)
  4. Baltic Bandit

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    well I recommend you go back to that thread. you were given a lot of good advice
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    Look you could build it in a week of full time with 2-3 people. The most time consuming piece being the install of the components.

    Day 1 - loft the templates for the hull bulkheads -
    Build materials list
    Go acquire materials

    Day 2 - cut and assemble hull bulkheads and stringers
    Cut covering cloth to fit
    Stretch covering cloth over hulls and seal with first coat of either resin or Varnish first

    Day 3 apply second coat of finish to hulls
    assemble platform for motor and RC controls
    cut the cross beams out of AL or carbon tubes

    Day 4 fair the hulls and attach the platform and cross beams
    Attach the rudders to the stern of the hulls.
    Connect rudder control for RC gear

    Day 5 install power batteries and solar panels

    Day 6 test and debug

    day 7 - extra day
  6. Zain
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    Zain Junior Member

    thanks....look at this...what do you say about this design....?

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  7. Baltic Bandit

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    Its pretty, but it won't work as a fully solar powered boat. The central hull is extraneus and only adds drag. the side hulls are too short for optimal efficiency and you don't have enough surface area for your solar cells.

    If you want to run 100% on Solar with limited battery for power smoothing (giving you bursts of power for starting, stopping and turning), you need surface area for the panels and optimal wetted surface area.

    Optimal wetted surface area is 22:1 tapered cylinder.

    So for a 6' long hull, you get a 3" tube. 2m x 9cm. that gives you about 25kg of buoyancy.

    Build it like a model airplane: balsa stringers and frames. Cover with thin nylon tissue and seal for water tightness. You probably can build them at 1kg each. Leaving you with a 22kg budget for power and controls.
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    product design or engineering degree?

    The boat in the picture is moot for your concept. Final year student - throw a sketch. Put a little effort - go back to the other thread.

    We can't do it for you - the LEAST you can do is a bit of thinking and concise well thought out questions. Now its waste of everyone's time. (understand this and you have learned at least something valuable)
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  10. gonzo
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    If you cover the whole boat in solar cells, at maximum sun exposure it will get about 1.3KW. A solar cell is about 25% efficient so you can use about .33 Kw output. That is the equivalent to about .43 HP. However, that is in ideal conditions at noon. For a conservative estimation, divide by 2. That means you could reasonably expect 1/4 HP

  11. Baltic Bandit

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    There - so that means you will be able to run at about 1/3 the top speed, steady state with bursts up to that to speed
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