want to buy plans for 12'-15' rowing boat, suggest links.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sat, Jul 28, 2006.

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    I have done a google search of the net and have found a few plans, some of them free, for boats. I would like to purchase plans for 12'-15' rowing boats. The boat will be used in lakes, sometimes with a OBM.

    Could you suggest some links to some nice plans, would prefer older classic designs.


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    thanks leo.

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    Rowing designs

    Joel White sells a Shearwater rowing boat plans for a design that looks fast and relatively stable, with a northern european flair (viking ish) to the stems, and a minimal number of strakes to line out.

    Phil Bolger sells plans for the Spur II, an extremely traditional looking boat from the waterline up, but state of the art (California "race" boat undersides) below the waterline. Lots of strakes, might work using canoe style strip building method. A very shapely boat unlike his other....

    The Gloucester Light Dory also by Bolger, a slightly tippy, salty looking rowboat that is fast and very inexpensive to build (contractor grade plywood, polyester resin).

    All three of these boats are at least 48" wide. Narrower than this and you really ought to have outriggers to hang the oarlocks on.

    My memory isn't great, but it seemed like at one time you could get plans from Lowell's Massachusett's shop for some of their light dories (the ones mentioned in John Gardner's books like the Nahant) that included a template to lay out the actual strakes...which coming from a production shop would probably be a huge timesaver.

    I rowed my Delaware Ducker around the Gulf Coast of Texas (on the bays) until the constant 20 mph winds dissuaded me from further misadventures, and limited myself to outings on several Central Texas lakes. I'm seriously considering Spur II for a replacement (I have the plans for the first three mentioned above).
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    Ken Swan has a web site with some very nice skiffs that you should look at.
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