want a solid/durable interior paint...?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by paularey, Oct 19, 2005.

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    Looking for a bomb proof interior paint for a catamaran interior I’m repainting. I’ve gutted the interior and it is 80% fiberglass (some previously painted)/old gel coat and the rest plywood bulkheads previously painted white. I’d like to shoot the whole interior (excluding a few masked off areas) with a durable gloss white paint and I’m looking for any recommendations. I’m thinking about a good two part urethane of some sort…? Any brands, hints (what’s a good primer?) or tips appreciated.
    Much thanks
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    What can you get? You my use also a two-component poly urethane paint preferrably of a good brand.

    BTW in a few months time I am crossing the Canal; have you a link for me to the canal authorities? I would like to know procedures and costs, would you do me a favour and help me with this? I can only find possible outdated info here in Holland. Latest I got is from 1998.
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