Wallynization of a Wasa 55

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Robin Larsson, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Robin Larsson
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    Robin Larsson Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    I´m building a Wasa 55, or rather, I own a hull an deck to a Wasa 55, and a suitable rig, and some other stuff. The Wasa 55 is an Swedish design from the 70,s, 13.5m * 2.55m. Pretty much its a modern Skerrycruiser, bit higher freebord, wider hull, more volume, completly different superstructur, negative stern. Here you can see some drawings an pic of an original boat: ut http://hem.bredband.net/wasa55/
    sadly its only in Swedish, but atleast you can see how my boat could look like.

    Now, since there aren't much built on deck on my boat, no holes for windows and such, nothing mounted at all really, exept for the toerail.
    What I´m thinking is, I want it to be mor modern, and I really like boats like Wally 60-80 and the new 100´s, the Brenta 30-38-60, and Brentas Ghost, for example, you see the look I like.
    I was thinking maybe I could redesign my Wasa 55 to look a bit like those boats. Would be something like this:
    The same colour as the Brenta 30-38s on there website, a long central skylight, like on the Wallys, that runs the entire length of the forward coachroof, and begins again on the aft coachroof. No sidewindows on the coachroof(is that the right term?) But the aft side of the aft coachroof is made completly of glass. Coamings on the forward coachroof sides, like a mix of Brenta 38 and Wally 80, just painted grp, that arches from the skylight down to the deck, but like on the Brenta B-boats, ends app. 20mm above the teak:) Covering all lines from the mast, and maybe even ventilation.
    Teak on the deck, and in the cockpit, probably even on the cockpit coamings, and the aft coachroof, both on the roof and the sides:) Like on the Wally 88 Tiketitan.
    Everything as flush as possible. Wheelsteering.

    In short, very modernized. Maybe a folding platform in the transom.

    So, what do all of you pros here think, is it just crazy? Ah, maybe I should say that I am a trained boatbuilder, and work on a company that builds windows and stainless stuff for boats, we have all tools I need for this.
    What I really want to know is, would it look to strange? Maybe the narrow boat with long overhangs will just look weird? Or will it look really good?
    It would still be a rather old GRP hull under all the "fairing", would it feel stupid?
    Was thinking about making the bow plumb, or maybe a bit like the Cup boats.

    I would like to build a new hull, with really modern lines, but it would simply be to expensive and take to long time. Then it feels better to build the Wasa like I want it:)

    So, what´s the verdict?;)

    I attach a few pics, the first two are on my "boat", the following three are other Wasa 55s, and then its a Wally 80 and Tiketitan. Would it mix good?:)

    Best Regards
    Robin Larsson

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  2. Hans Friedel
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    Hans Friedel Senior Member

    Hi Robin

    The Wasa 55 is a cool boat. I think a nice clean design like the Wallys would be nice.

    But fenders and a big pullpit is not very cool

    If you have some simple drawings of the boat I could make some quick sketches for you

    Hans Friedel
  3. Robin Larsson
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    Robin Larsson Junior Member


    Are you from Sweden to? Where are you based? I live in Gothenburg. I´ll send you a pm with the drawings I have. Sadly only jpgs I think.
    I have an exact vision of how I would like it to look, but never get the time to learn Solidworks or some other 3d software good enough to make a good rendering. I only know Autocad and the likes, not fun to draw a boat from scratch...

    It would be really nice to see someone elses interpretation of a Wallystyled Wasa 55:) Thanks for believing in my idea Hans:)

    Yeah, your right, things like pulpits, anchors, ventilators and other ugly stuff is just that, ugly:) Most things can be hidden, but probably gonna need pulpits and stanchions/lifelines since its going to be a blue water yacht.

    Best Regards
    Robin Larsson
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