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    Have a 39' mold that can be shortened to a 34' or extended to a 44', very versatile.

    The concept is similar in retail price, range, and style to the semi-production Jarret Bay 34'. We have more than 50 years of yacht construction experience in our company and looking to get back to the drawing board with the decline of custom sportfishing yachts. Link->http://www.jarrettbay.com/carolina-construction/semi-production/

    A walkaround-express (or center console) of this size is the future of the modern deep sea fisherman. Sportfish are too large and expensive for the majority of us and a center console isn't always big enough, but not as much maintenance.

    This segment of the boat market hasn't really been tapped into and to me seems like the future for sport fishing.

    Thoughts? Feasible?
    -T. Graves
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    My thoughts are that fuel prices have changed the market... I think fuel efficient designs are the way forward and ensure long term success... twin 350hp engines on a small open boat goes against this notion and thus don't see anything new here...
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