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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by sandy daugherty, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Ben Ellison at is urging his readers to take a survey at

    This is a serious questionnaire intended to inform marketers what boat owners want to see when thy go shopping for electronics. It is not (that I can see) any attempt to sell me something today. This has not been done in the past.

    The survey is about our buying habits, what we want to see, and what sources and manufacturers we prefer or despise, and why. The idea is that manufacturers and retailers will know what we want, not what some Business School graduate remembers from a Monday morning Marketing lecture.

    I urge you to raise all your multihull voices. Its a chance to tell marketers that we are here, "its our money and we decide how to spend it" to paraphrase on of the more egregious commercials on cable TV.

    Its a thorough questionnaire, and it took me more than ten minutes to complete it, but at least now I know one catamaran owner's opinions will be counted.

    Go. Vote.

    I have no vested interest in this, other than the hope that I'll see more information and a better selection of stuff I care about on line or on shelves soon.
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