Vospower/PP Jet with Mermaid Marines

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Sassriverrat, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Good Evening,

    I'm looking at a boat to yank its engines and jets. Plan is to build a utility style boat with high speed potential around the gear. It's got twin mermaid 4cylinder engines with vospower jets. I don't have the model numbers for any of it (unreadable). Owner claimed the boat did 35 kts wide open...kind of hard to believe but anyway. Anyone know what these might be? I'd like to lookup original spec sheets if I can get these identified and if they are reliable. Thanks!

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    Re jets could be a 100 a 115 or a 140 check the impeller inlet diameter, in inches ie 10 11.5 or 14 its difficult to tell from your pictures. They are all much of a muchness apart from the thrust curves of course. I will have the thrust curves and impeller range for each somewhere I expect.

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