vortec or not

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by carter, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Vortec or not?


    I have a 1994 Genisis with a 4.3 LX. I'm looking to change the spark plus in it but am not sure which to use. The cover on the carb says I should use a AC-MR43T, but it has a AC-MR44 in it. The manuel says to use the MR43t also. I've read some threads stating the 94 is a pre-vortec head motor which uses the shorter spark plug. My valve covers say vortec on them so I'm not sure which to use. I'm the 3rd owner of the vessel and am not sure if it has had a motor change or not. Anyone have some insight on this?
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    Google the AC number recognition chart and find out what the diff is.

    No one here are specialist in that way. You could check the depth of your thread with a bent piece of wire, ----yes yes -- that is not short enough to loose inside the head.
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