Volvo tamd 60b

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by stamas 66, Aug 9, 2015.

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    stamas 66 New Member

    Hi all, My local boat yard was demolishing some boats and I got the engines. One is a volvo TAMD 60b engine . It looks to have been rebuilt in the recent past. Runs well with smoke.
    Any opinions on this engine, good, bad, servicability?
    How much could it be worth. ? Don't know if I should keep or sell. thanks.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Check on weather Volvo still has any parts for sale.

    Volvos are fine new engines , if you sell the boat while Volvo is still selling the engines new.

    All Volvo parts (new or old) are priced in GOLD! , sadly few are aviliable for not new engines.
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    The 60's are nice engines. Used to be popular in cray boats over here.
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